[Special] Top 500 J-Pop Songs #368

Title: Slow Motion (スローモーション)
Artist: Nakamori Akina (中森明菜)
Released: 1982
Genre: Pop Ballad

If there was one person who could rival Queen of J-Pop, Matsuda Seiko, it would have been Nakamori Akina. Nakamori provided a balance to the more girl-next-door image and sweet sound of Matsuda, as she had a more rebellious image tied with a huskier and deeper voice. Nakamori scored numerous hits in the 1980s, but it all started with Slow Motion. Her debut single is an entrancing pop ballad. The lyrics are rather sweet sounding and Nakamori’s gentle vocals work well on top of the rather glittery background. I especially love the sweeping feel of the chorus opening, which is the highlight of the song. While Nakamori’s voice isn’t as husky and deep yet, there are glimpses of what’s to come. It’s an enjoyable listen and the first of eight entries.