[Digital Single] T-ara & Supernova – TTL Listen 2

Due to the popularity of the TTL (Time To Love), another collab between the two groups T-ara and Supernova would take place. TTL Listen 2 is the second digital collaboration song between the two groups.

Released: October 9, 2009
1. TTL Listen 2 [MV]

TTL Listen 2 is essentially the dance version of TTL (Time To Love) with only slight variations in the verse melodies as well as changes in the lyrics. This version is supposed to include all the members of both groups, but really we only have the same 7 from the first one participating here because they recorded them at the same time. With its pounding beats and flashy synths, its a proven adversary to the original. With that said, I actually prefer the first version because it’s more emotional.

Overall: Another strong collaboration between the two groups even if it is the dance version of their last song. Both versions are similar, but share different characteristics that separate them and make them stand out on their own.


[Digital Single] T-ara & Supernova – TTL (Time To Love)

Collaboration songs between labelmates is usually one of my favourite things to hear as most of the time they end up pretty good. Seniors Supernova decided to pair up with rookies T-ara to release a collaboration single that not only gave a different edge to their music, but also gave them the edge on the charts. TTL (Time To Love) is the first digital collaboration single between T-ara and Supernova.

Released: September 15, 2009
1. TTL (Time To Love) [MV]

TTL (Time To Love) is similar in some aspects and different in others to T-ara’s debut single. Besides the obvious addition of male rappers, TTL is similar because we have a dramatic ballad with a pop touch to it, much like their debut. The difference is the sheer amount of maturity that is placed into this song as opposed to their debut which featured a tacky karaoke rhythm. With its haunting synths and deep atmosphere, the song easily shows off the talents of at least four of T-ara’s members (and the three rappers from Supernova). Being honest, this is really T-ara’s single and Supernova (which are a good group), just seem like an addition. Maybe it’s because of the domination of Soyeon (and somewhat Jiyeon) for the chorus, but the females definitely stand out far more. Regardless, it’s a stellar track and one of (if not the best) releases of 2009 and still my favourite T-ara track.

Overall: A strong secondary release from T-ara that strikes aclear contrast to the pop route they took with their debut. It also pushed Supernova back into the limelight after a year of little activity in Korea. Both groups work well together and the raps intertwine well with the flawless chorus led by Soyeon.