[Single] SISTAR19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer

Gone Not Around Any Longer is the first single by SISTAR’s subunit, SISTAR19. The title track was used as the promotional song.

Released: January 31, 2013
2. Gone Not Around Any Longer (있다 없으니까) [MV]
3. A Girl in Love (나도 여자인데)
4. MA BOY [MV]
5. Gone Not Around Any Longer (Inst.)

The single opens with the intro, SISTAR19. It’s really just a some guitar and some adlibs by Hyorin. I don’t think it’s that interesting, but it does flow right into the title track. Gone Not Around Any Longer is quite calming and sounds sadder than the usual material by SISTAR. The dark R&B sound really works well with Hyorin’s voice and I love the mix of piano and saxophone refrain. Bora’s rap is also decent, but it goes by really quickly and doesn’t really leave much impact. I don’t think it’s my favourite title track from SISTAR, but it’s a good listen and provides a bit of variety.

A Girl in Love is much more lighthearted and a cute pop tune. At first, I thought the song was really generic and dull, but there are some fun parts to the song. I really enjoy the R&B-lite sound it has and it works really well with the girls. Also, we get to hear a bit more of Bora singing and she actually sounds decent here, although everything is dominated by Hyorin. I do think the song’s verses are a tad long so it does make the song feel a bit long, but a good tune overall.

MA BOY was released as a digital single earlier and keeps the light-hearted sound. I still love this song and it is one of my favourite SISTAR-related songs. It’s so catchy and doesn’t feel overtly flashy. Its simplicity is what really helps it standout.

Overall: SISTAR19’s first single was a really strong release. All three songs on here were had R&B elements, but they each brought a different flavour to it. I really enjoyed the variety and it also helped to showcase the talent of Hyorin (Bora had some fun parts). It is unfortunate that this has been the last release from the subunit.


[Digital Single] SISTAR19 – Ma Boy

Ma Boy is the debut digital single by SISTAR subunit SISTAR19 which features only Hyorin and Bora. Another Brave Brothers production, it was a pretty big hit and helped elevate SISTAR’s popularity.

Released: May 3, 2011
1. Ma Boy [MV]
2. Ma Boy (inst.)

Ma Boy is a bit different for SISTAR. While it contains similar elements to that of their past singles, especially that of Shady Girl, the song has a more laidback R&B vibe to it. This is evident by the heavy beat and the lack of strong dance elements. The song pretty much has Hyorin in the forefront as while Bora is featured, her part isn’t as large as Hyorin’s so it sometimes feel more like Ma Boy by Hyorin featuring Bora. It would’ve been nice to see a few more parts for Bora since she’s a decent rapper and a nice interchanging of parts would’ve been interesting. Regardless, this is a stellar song and up to this point my favourite by the group (even if it’s a subunit). Vocally it’s great and Hyorin really works the song.

Overall: Definitely my favourite SISTAR related release to date. This laidback flirty R&B song really steps things up and we move away from the catchy, but generic pop they had been doing before while still having that SISTAR sound to it. The vocals were great too.