[Mini-Album] Red Velvet – Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is the third mini-album released by Red Velvet. The title track was used as the promotional song. Compared to the last mini, which didn’t perform as well as their past releases, Russian Roulette proved to be a solid hit.


Released: September 7, 2016
1. Russian Roulette (러시안 룰렛)
2. Lucky Girl
3. Bad Dracula
4. Sunny Afternoon
5. Fool
6. Some Love
7. My Dear

Russian Roulette opens the album on a fun and exciting note with its video game-inspired arrangement. This is still one of my favourite title tracks from the group because it has that bright pop sound the group’s “Red” songs usually take on while also bringing a bit of the more melodic and mellow vibe of their “Velvet” side. The chorus is especially great with the hooks intertwined nicely within the melody.


Another bright pop tune comes blasting in with Lucky Girl, but this time we get a bit of a retro spin with its touch of doo-wop. The verses are a lot of fun and while the chorus is great, the transition into the latter is just so jarring. I like the chorus as the girls are singing in unison and its a nice change from their usual stuff where solo lines are interspersed throughout. It’s a pretty nice song.

Bad Dracula starts off as a pretty heavy-handed pop/R&B tune. But then somewhere in the pre-chorus into the chorus, things change up into a totally in-your-face pop song. It’s not bad, I feel like after that first time, the song just never lets up and is all over the place. I like songs with a lot of energy, but I feel like it just becomes so overpowering at some points.

I do think Sunny Afternoon is better as it has a brighter and more carefree pop sound. I was not expecting this song to be so great because most of Red Velvet’s B-sides always have such odd transitions, but the light R&B elements that are present throughout the whole song are a nice change of pace. That chorus is also great with its catchy and melodic punch.


Fool starts off in an unexpected way with its banjo-like arrangement. This song is more on the mellow side and I like that there isn’t another in-your-face pop song, but this just isn’t my cup of tea. It’s quite cute and a solid song, but I just feel like something is missing. The verses have an odd melody and while the chorus is better, it is also lacking in a really strong hook.

I like that Some Love brings something a bit more on the EDM side of things. It’s one of the examples of tropical house that came out before the genre was overkilled in K-Pop and it is a solid tune. The synths are nice, but it’s the simple hook that really grabs the attention. I do find the verses to be a bit messy as there is a disconnect between the music and vocal arrangement, but the chorus makes up for it.

My Dear finishes things off with something along the lighter pop route. This song isn’t too bad, but I feel like a lot of these sweet pop tunes tend to get overshadowed by other tracks for me. It’s still a pretty solid tune though and has a good chorus with bright sound. I just wish the verses were more interesting there was a bit more power in the arrangement.

Overall: This is easily their strongest physical release yet. While there were a few average songs, I felt like the high quality helped them out a lot and there were a few more pretty solid B-sides. I’m usually on the fence with a lot of Red Velvet’s album tracks, so there were some nice surprises here. Russian Roulette is also a stellar song.


[Mini-Album] Red Velvet – The Velvet

The Velvet is the second mini-album released by Red Velvet. One of These Nights was used as the promo track. This mini is to represent their “Velvet” sound.

Released: March 6, 2017
1. One of These Nights (7월 7일)
2. Cool Hot Sweet Love
3. Light Me Up
4. First Time (처음인가요)
5. Rose Scent Breeze (장미꽃 향기는 바람에 날리고)
6. One of These Nights (De-Capo Ver.)
7. One of These Nights (Joe Millionaire Ver.)
8. One of These Nights (Piano Ver.)

One of These Nights is a really interesting change for Red Velvet as it is a ballad. It’s the type of slow-burning song that isn’t that interesting at first, but soon unravels its magic. The verses are a bit light and don’t have much power to them, but focus on the ambiance and the emotion. The chorus is where things pick up and I really love the melody. The music does pick up after the first chorus and the power in the bridge really helps to push the song to the next level. To be honest, this reminds me of an early 00’s J-Pop ballad and I love it.

Cool Hot Sweet Love is a total change with its hip-hop and R&B elements. It starts off in an awkward way and I feel like the verses are reminiscent of current American music. However, the chorus is definitely where things change as there is a blast of pop that helps to bring that needed melodic sound. I wish the song was built more around this instead of the other elements as they feel out of touch with each other.

Light Me Up starts off sounding like it will be a jazzier tune, but it really lays it in with the R&B influence. I feel like this could easily be seen in a current R&B/soul album. I do enjoy parts of it, but there are also other parts I wish just weren’t as messy. I feels like the music is a bit all over the place and the melody gets overpowered by the barrage of sounds. It has potential to really blast off, but ends up a bit too chaotic.

First Time is another ballad, although there are is an R&B beat to help push the song forward. To be honest, this song just does not have the same feeling as the promo track and it ends up on the generic side. It’s not a terrible song, just not as memorable. It sounds like it is trying to take on an 80’s pop ballad sound but the vocal performance just doesn’t elevate the song. Some of the girls sound awkwardly edited and it makes a weird quality over the vocals that feels like it doesn’t fit with the music.

Rose Scent Breeze is yet another ballad, but I like this one much more. It focuses more on the piano and vocals and brings a really gentle and calm feeling. The vocals are much clearer and the girls sound really beautiful. The music is also more grand and has a really great build up to the climax that works wonderfully with the melody. It’s not the strongest ballad in terms of a memorable melody, but it is a solid tune. The next three songs are different versions of One of These Nights.

The De-Capo Ver. changes things up by doing some weird things with the music. It’s really odd because parts of the music are changed in pitched and it tries to create a different kind of sound. I don’t think I like it that much though because there are elements that really ruin the mood of the song.

The Joe Millionaire Ver. also does some things to music, but I do feel like the execution is much better. The changes aren’t that distracting and add some really cool sounds to the song.

I really love the Piano Ver. because it sounds like the girls are singing right there. Wendy’s voice is especially gorgeous here and I love how she sounds during the bridge. It doesn’t quite give the same effect of the original, but it’s a nice version.

Overall: This isn’t a bad mini. Disregarding the different versions of the promo track, this mini isn’t as impressive as I was hoping. I do like that they experimented with their velvet sound, but I wish some of the songs were more interesting or not as messy. The girls have the capability of pushing songs to the next level, they just need the right material. There were no terrible songs, just most of them sat on the middle ground.


[Album] Red Velvet – The Red

The Red is the first album released by Red Velvet. Dumb Dumb was used as the promo song.

Released: September 9, 2015
1. Dumb Dumb
2. Huff n Puff
3. Campfire
4. Red Dress
5. Oh Boy
6. Lady’s Room
7. Time Slip
8. Don’t U Wait No More
9. Day 1
10. Cool World

The Red opens with the promo song, Dumb Dumb, and what an explosive way to start. An upbeat pop tune with some R&B elements in the melody, the song uses the repetition but in a way that ends up as an earworm. The hook is simple but effective and it always feel properly placed throughout the song so it doesn’t get too overbearing. I do find the fact that the verses are short to be a good thing as it helps focus on the catchy chorus. Wendy also does a great job with the high notes that pop up throughout.

Huff n Puff has a few more hip-hop elements in the music, which helps bring a different edge. I do like the verses a bit more than the chorus though. The chorus really reminds me of something from f(x) from their second and third albums as it has a funkier vibe to it and a bit more of an unpredictable but bright pop sound. It’s quite catchy and solid album track.

Campfire is a nice followup as it slows things down a bit, but keeps some form of energy in its funky R&B beat. I love the attitude in the verses and the girls all sound great here. The chorus isn’t as infectious as the last two songs, but there is a nice vocal element that really helps to show off Seulgi and Wendy’s voices. This is another solid tune.

Red Dress has a lot of energy to it and I love it. The verses help to build up all this energy and then the chorus comes in and it sorta goes down instead up. It’s a really interesting twist and while I was expecting something to keep reaching higher, I like that it changes to something more drawn out and heavy hitting. It’s a fun song.

Oh Boy brings something a bit more laidback, but it still has power to it. I love the music and the brighter sound works nicely with the R&B-styled melody. I do think there are times where the song sort of drags on a bit too long, but it does have some really strong parts to it. I also like that things were changed up by making the chorus more falsetto-based.

Lady’s Room feels like it has a bit more of an oldschool sound going for it as the music is somewhat reminiscent of 90’s pop. Unfortunately, that’s probably the best part about it as the chorus is a bit forgettable. I wish the hooks were stronger or the music brought more energy. While the verses aren’t bad, they don’t quite make up for it as the slowed down pre-chorus breaks the flow.

I do like Time Slip a bit more as the subtle R&B and hip-hop elements really work well here. It definitely has more energy than the last song and the melody is much catchier. I don’t really like the rap breaks that pop up in the middle of the song though as it makes me think more of “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea.

Don’t U Wait No More is a bit of a mess, but is still a lot of fun. It tries to blend a lot of different melodies together that creates a bit of a puzzle. That combined with the odd music really helps bring a different kind of tune. It’s not my favourite song, but it is quite memorable and I love the harmonies that pop up throughout.

Day 1 is the song that most sticks out on this album because it is totally different from the other songs and sound more like something sung by Lovelyz. It’s still quite nice with its light ska sound and more laid back nature. With that said, it just sticks out too much and it doesn’t quite hit the spot for me as the chorus comes off lackluster.

Cool World is back to that more straightforward dance/pop sound that the group was doing earlier in the album. I really like the verses to this song as the music works nicely there. However, the melody doesn’t quite match the music once the chorus comes around. It’s a bit slow and tries to be more dramatic, but the hooks are a bit dragged out. Not a bad tune, but not the strongest.

Overall: This album started off quite strong, but I feel like it slipped a bit as it continued. It’s not to say it is a bad album, as there are no bad songs on here. Just that some of the songs just didn’t stand out that much or had some qualities to it that just didn’t quite fit to my liking. It’s a well-produced album and there are some quality tracks on here though. I do wish there were a few more songs like Dumb Dumb that I would really fall in love with though.


[Mini-Album] Red Velvet – Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake is the first mini-album released by Red Velvet. The title track was used as the promotional song and was their first big hit.

Released: March 17, 2015
1. Ice Cream Cake
2. Automatic
3. Somethin’ Kinda Crazy
4. Stupid Cupid
5. Take It Slow
6. Candy (사탕)

Ice Cream Cake opens the mini with an explosive start. Actually, it’s rather creepy with the odd “lalalas”, but the song does gain energy as it progresses. The verses are pretty lighthearted with some xylophone and beats. It’s the chorus where the transition really blasts things off. The beat is more numerous in pace and there are some weird elements added like the scratchy sounds that layer on top of everything. It’s definitely a defining moment for the group and brought something a bit different, but still totally catchy.

Automatic is similar to the group’s cover of S.E.S’ Be Natural, with its midtempo R&B sound. I absolutely love R&B and the melody is really addicting and works nicely with the funky bass and light synths. It isn’t as exciting as Be Natural, but it does have a way of getting stuck in your head with its airy delivery. I do wish there was a bit of a push at the end, but the girls sound great and everything is smooth and effortless.

Somethin’ Kinda Crazy goes with the R&B route, but with something a bit lighter. I do like the harmonizing and the playing off of each other in terms of vocal arrangement. The verses are definitely more fun though. The chorus is a bit lackluster and doesn’t really make as strong of an impression as I was hoping for. It’s still catchy and I do like the beat, just I wish the melody was a darker.

Stupid Cupid starts off in a cool way with the 60’s rock kind of sound, but it does change things up once the beat comes in. The beat takes some getting used to, but it does grow on me as the song goes on. The melody is unfortunately a bit forgettable and the vocoder on top of the vocals sort of detracts from the songs energy. The transition into the brighter sound of the chorus is a bit grating as well considering the rest of the song is more attitude-based. Good production though.

Take It Slow is a bit lackluster. Considering the rest of the mini features some interesting sounds, Take It Slow brings a safe coffeehouse pop song. It’s not a bad song by any means, but it just ends up really forgettable. The only thing that saves it is the odd key change halfway through the song which then brings in a nice bridge. It’s a decent song and has a sweet melody, it’s just not the most memorable.

Candy slows things down a little more and brings some R&B elements into it. It’s like the last song in that it is a bit too generic (for Red Velvet I think), but it does has some nice energy once the chorus pops in. The melody isn’t totally predictable and there are some great harmonies that pop up throughout the song. It’s not bad.

Overall: The production to this mini was great, as expected from SM. Unfortunately, there were some weaker parts to the mini. Either I didn’t think the songs pushed it enough or they were a bit forgettable, the mini started to falter around the halfway part. It’s not a bad album by any means and is a great first mini for Red Velvet.


[Digital Single] Red Velvet – Be Natural

Be Natural is the second digital single released by Red Velvet.

Released: October 13, 2014
1. Be Natural

While their debut was a boisterous and exciting pop song released under what is considered Red Velvet’s ‘red’ songs, Be Natural is a sensual R&B cover of a classic S.E.S tune that falls under the ‘Velvet’ label. This version doesn’t really change that much from the original except modernize it a bit with the production. The beat is still at a nice higher midtempo pace that works with the slinky and flowing melody. The song keeps up the excitement and never really drags down. I absolutely love how it features the girls’ vocals, especially Wendy’s. She really works it here and does some nice belted notes. I’m not the biggest fan of the rap, but Taeyong’s feature does show off his skills. I wish this part was also done in a calmer manner as it does stand out a bit too much.

Overall: This was a cool follow-up to their debut and I would say I actually prefer this style since I adore R&B. It’s a nice updated version of the original that still keeps all the great points about that version, while providing a slightly newer twist.


[Digital Single] Red Velvet – Happiness

Red Velvet is SM’s newest girl group and are known for their wacky concepts. While I enjoyed their songs before, I was never a big fan until more recently as they have a pretty strong discography. Happiness is the group’s debut single.

Released: August 4, 2014
1. Happiness (행복) [MV]

Happiness is an vitamin pill and the title fits the song so well. It’s an upbeat pop tune that has that SM style of placing different styles together into one song. The verses are upbeat and fast paced, but it leads to the calmer pre-chorus, which does a wonderful job building up to the chorus. The chorus is pretty made up of just La La La’s and saying the title, but everything comes together so well with the stomping beat and chant-like vocal arrangement. My favourite part has to go to Wendy’s bridge where she belts it out. It’s the odd part out of the song, but still works in the grand scheme of things.

Overall: Red Velvet’s debut is energy filled and an exciting way to get into a new group. The production is as crisp as usual given it’s from SM and despite the messiness at times, everything pulls together to bring a solid track. Definitely helped to solidify their image.