[Mini-Album] Rainbow BLAXX – RB BLAXX

Rainbow BLAXX is the second subunit from girl group, Rainbow. This one featured members Jaekyung, Woori, Hyunyoung and Seungah and was meant to be a “sexier” subunit. RB BLAXX was the subunit’s first mini-album and their only release.

Released: January 20, 2014
1. Cha Cha [MV]
2. Last Word (한마디)
3. Silhouette
4. Cha Cha (Instrumental)

While the unit definitely screams sexy, the song Cha Cha really isn’t. Instead, it is just a funky pop tune with some really intriguing elements to it. I really like that it has a slight ska sound to it due to its sliding brass instruments. This tied in with the smooth delivery of the melody really works well with the song. The transition between the verse and chorus isn’t as noticeable as I expected, but it’s an interesting twist. I do think that the chorus could be a bit stronger, but it is a fun song overall.

Last Word is a nice midtempo R&B-pop ballad. I was really impressed with this one as it helps showcase the voices of the members. The music is actually quite good too and I like the little twang the song has. Might only gripe is that the chorus has this really weird sound in the background that just doesn’t fit. Also, the transition into the rap is a little odd, but it does do well smoothing that out. Decent tune.

At first, Silhouette sounds like it will be a gentle ballad, but it transitions into a midtempo pop tune with its soaring synths and R&B beat. I think the song is good, but I’m not a fan of the melody. The verses are really unpredictable, but the girls don’t sound that great hitting the notes in falsetto. The chorus melody is also a bit lackluster. It’s not bad, but the weaker song.

Overall: This was a decent mini-album. All three tracks offered something different, so it gave a little bit of variety. I wish the group did play up their sound a bit more though so it matched their image. The B-sides on the mini were something that could be heard from Rainbow, so I wish they did something a little more heavy with R&B or dance-pop instead of keeping it so safe.