[Digital Single] PRODUCE 48 – Nekkoya (PICK ME) (Piano ver.)

“Nekkoya (PICK ME) (Piano ver.)” is the second digital single released for the third season of the PRODUCE series.


Released: July 14, 2018
1. Nekkoya (PICK ME) (Piano ver.)

I was half expecting there to be some more dramatic vocal sessions in this version, but the Piano version of Nekkoya (PICK ME) is literally just the piano. It’s really heartfelt and does its job to create the more emotional delivery it’s set out to do. It’s a bit weird to think that the explosive energy of the original could be changed into such a striking instrumental piece, but it works.

Overall: This is pretty much only the instrumental piece. Not sure why I covered it to be honest, but it’s nice.


[Digital Single] PRODUCE 48 – Nekkoya (PICK ME)

“Nekkoya (PICK ME)” is the first digital single released for the third single of the PRODUCE series. It features both Korean trainees and girls from the 48 girl groups in Japan.


Released: May 10, 2018
1. Nekkoya (PICK ME) (내꺼야)
2. Nekkoya (PICK ME) (Japanese ver.)

Both versions are exactly the same except for the language. I didn’t think Nekkoya (PICK ME) was particularly interesting when I first heard it. Although I loved the previous two theme songs, this one went a different route and was a bit on the sweeter side compared to the EDM heavy original or the more melodic boys version. Fortunately, it eventually got into my head and I started to really like its cute and earworming melody. The song still has a heavy EDM influence, but it feels much lighter due to the swirling synths and girlish vocals. It’s great.

Overall: Third time and still another solid pop tune. I like the change that feels like a combination between the last two versions, while still retaining its own character. Makes me excited for the fourth one.