[Digital Single] I.O.I – Crush

“Crush” is the first digital single released by project group, I.O.I. It was released as a pre-release single before their first mini-album.


Released: April 5, 2016
1. Crush

When Crush was first released, I really enjoyed the track. It’s a high-intensity pop track that has a powerful energy to it. The verses aren’t that memorable and mostly focus on a “rap-sing” kind of delivery, although the second verse is much stronger with the introduction of actual rapping. The chorus is just euphoric and easily the highlight of the song. The opening line is purely melodic and is quite catchy. My favourite part is when things slowly build for the bridge though as things just explode and we really hear the full potential of the song.

Overall: This is a solid introduction to the project group and while it feels a bit outdated in some areas, the chorus is just stellar.