[Digital Single] PENTAGON – Beautiful

Beautiful is the first digital single released by PENTAGON. It was used as a pre-release single for their third mini-album, CEREMONY

Released: May 18, 2017
1. Beautiful

Beautiful was produced by BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon and is a great midtempo pop ballad. The song starts off in a simple and gentle way that focuses a lot on the harmonies. The highlight is right when the chorus opens as the percussion comes booming in and laying the foundation for that pretty melody to come floating in. The boys sound great and I feel like all their voices deliver here. My only gripe is the hook of “You are beautiful”, which I find a bit cheesy and not particularly catchy. The rest of the song makes up for it though.

Overall: This was a great single to release before the mini and helped to showcase the boys’ vocal capabilities. The harmonies and pounding percussion really help things soar.



[Mini-Album] PENTAGON – Five Senses

Five Senses is the second mini-album released by PENTAGON. Can You Feel It was used as the promo song and Pretty was later used to promote the album with a special MV.

Released: December 7, 2016
1. Can You Feel It (감이 오지)
2. Engine
3. Pretty (예쁨)
4. Lose Yourself (풀러)
5. Stay Crazy (정신 못 차려도 돼)

Can You Feel It is a big difference from the boy’s promo song on their debut mini, Gorilla. Instead of a catchy, hip-hop inspired upbeat tune, we have something a little more dance/pop. There are still some hip-hop aspects to it, especially in the areas with rap, but the chorus isn’t as repetitive and features a strong brass backing that helps give it a bit of different energy. I don’t think it is as catchy on the first listen, but is the type of song that needs a bit of time. I do love how the song has so many different pieces to it.

Engine is definitely different with its more EDM. It’s a nice change, although I think the pre-chorus really helps to build the song up, but the delivery of the chorus is a bit flat. The “feel like engine” just comes off a bit odd despite the the more EDM/tropical house vibe of the song and it just doesn’t feel that catchy. The music itself isn’t bad, but it doesn’t really take the genre and push it far enough.

Pretty is probably the most “pop” the group has done and it has the same energy that Gorilla has, which is what I love. It has a funky beat that works nicely with the touches of synths and brass that blast through the chorus. I really like how fun the melody is as well. The verses aren’t boring and the silly raps help to bring a great synergy to the song’s overall delivery.

Lose Yourself is another upbeat tune and I love the underlying funk beat the song has going on. The energy is also really great and the more disco/funk inspired chorus is definitely a welcomed change and something that the guys pull off nicely. The song is catchy is while it does have some repetition, it also has a nice flushed out melody to contrast the hook. Even the rap blends in nicely here. Another stellar tune!

Stay Crazy is the slowest song on the album, but it’s still a laid back R&B/pop tune. Not a big fan of these kinds of songs, but this one isn’t too bad. The guys have the skills to really bring the energy up with this one and the music in the chorus at least has a full backing so it certainly has the power to keep it from getting boring. The overall song feels more like what Big Bang would do though.

Overall: This is another great mini and while I like it a little less than their debut, it is still such a solid release. What I find lacking is in two of the songs, where one just isn’t my cup of tea and the other has potential but falters a bit on the delivery of the hook. The rest of the songs are great and they all are among some of the best of PENTAGON’s strongest tunes.



PENTAGON is CUBE’s newest boy band and while they haven’t reached the heights of CUBE’s other boy bands, BEAST (Highlight) and BtoB, the group definitely has the potential to. PENTAGON is the debut mini-album by the group. Gorilla was used as the promo song.

Released: October 16, 2016
1. Wake UP (Intro)
2. Pentagon
3. Gorilla
4. Lukewarm (미지근해)
5. Smile
6. Organic Song (귀 좀 막아줘)
7. You Are

Wake UP (Intro) opens the album with a stronger hip-hop sound. I’m not a huge fan of this kind of style, so this isn’t quite for me, but I do like the beat and E’Dawn sounds great rapping here. Then, the title track comes crashing in.

Pentagon still has some hip-hop elements, but there are definitely some dance elements thrown in as while, which is a nice change. The verses are rather calming and do a great job of showing off the guys’ vocals. The build up and the explosive chorus are insane. It’s really powerful and I love how the melody doesn’t get lost in it at all. Definitely a highlight.

Gorilla changes up the more dramatic sound for something on the brighter side. I didn’t quite like this song at first because of the silliness of it and the stronger hip-hop sound, however, I’ve come to really enjoy the song. It’s silly, but still insanely catchy and has some really clever points to it like the funky saxophone and other touches of bass that underline the music. It’s repetitive, but intoxicating and is a fun debut song.

Lukewarm changes things up yet again by bringing some tropical house. This was right around the time the sound was becoming more prevalent in K-Pop and it’s still a nice tune. I think it sort of gets lost due to the fact there have just been so many tropical house songs since, but it does bring some variety to the album. The chorus is a bit empty and I would have liked some more energy. Still, it’s a fun tune and I think the guys sound great.

Smile is the most laidback tune up to this point and I like that while it brings a more “coffeehouse pop” kind of sound, it also changes things up by giving it a fuller arrangement. It really helps the song not get too dull. It’s not my favourite song on the mini, but it’s definitely a nice change and the rappers do great here.

Organic Song only features the rappers and Hui on vocals (in the bridge). It definitely has the strongest hip-hop elements on the album, but for some reason I still like it. It’s really laid back and each of the rappers does a nice job of fitting their tones into the song, especially E’Dawn. Hui also does an excellent job on the bridge and final chorus and his voice really stands out.

You Are is one of my favourite songs on the album. It’s the only ballad on the album but it is phenomenal. It has the traditional ballad elements to it, but has a more ethereal vibe that fits with the rest of the album. CUBE seems to give the boy bands some amazing ballads, and this is just another example. The guys sound great and it works nicely with the layering of the vocals. The best part of the song is that killer ending with the belts from Jino and Hui. They are insane.

Overall: This was such a strong mini. I do like that the guys played with a number of genres on the album, but there always seemed like some elements that helped tied everything together. I was especially surprised by the fact that every song was well-produced and even when it wasn’t a genre I enjoyed, it still turned out to be a quality tune.