[Digital Single] IU – Road No. 1 OST Part. 3

Road No. 1 OST Part. 3 is the third digital single released by IU. It was used for the drama, Road Number One.

Released: July 14, 2010
1. Because I’m a Girl (여자라서)
2. Because I’m a Girl (piano ver.)

Because I’m a Girl is your usual OST ballad with its dramatic strings and gradual building up into that bigger final chorus. With that said, it’s a pretty good song. The melody is memorable and IU’s voice is quite emotive. Actually, I think this is one of her strongest vocal performances and this really shows the vocal improvements she made in two years when compared to Lost Child. Although I probably won’t revisit the song again, it is a pretty solid ballad.

The piano ver. is just much shorter and really focuses on IU’s voice. It’s a nice rendition and I like that it isn’t very long as the main version is the stronger one.

Overall: This is a pretty good OST single. It’s generic in the sense that these are the kinds of songs one would hear in many dramas and it can sort of get lost in the sea of these songs, but this is one of the stronger examples.


[Digital Single] IU – Fifth Finger Telecinema Project Vol.6

Fifth Finger Telecinema Project Vol.6 is the first digital single released by IU (not including the collaboration). It was used as the theme to the film, 19.

Released: February 24, 2010
1. Fifth Finger (다섯째 손가락)
2. Fifth Finger (Instrumental)

Fifth Finger works perfectly with IU’s sweet and soft vocals and she excels at these gentle, acoustic pop songs. Unfortunately, these songs aren’t my cup of tea and this one is especially dull for me. It does have some nice qualities to it like the music being perfect for when the sun goes down and IU’s voice, but it feels more like background music than something I would actively listen to. It’s not a bad song, just not for me.

Overall: Pretty much not the kind of song I actively look for or listen to. A bit boring although it does have some charm.


[Digital Single] 4minute – School 2013 OST Part.1

School 2013 OST Part.1 is the eighth digital single released by 4minute. It was used as the OST to the drama, School 2013.

Released: December 4, 2012
1. Welcome to the School
2. Welcome to the School (Instrumental)

I don’t really know what to think of Welcome to the School. It has a really interesting beat and there is a lot of energy, but the vocal editing is just so odd. The beat completely overpowers the vocals and it causes for a weird affect where you can’t really hear the girls singing because their voices are both distorted and pushed to the background. What’s also odd is that Hyunah’s rap is completely fine and absent of this editing. I really wish it was tweaked because the song is actually quite catchy and the music is a lot of fun.

Overall: This song is really fun and was a quality change up for 4minute. Unfortunately, the vocal editing of the song ruins a lot of the songs potential because it causes the lyrics to be difficult to hear and it loses some of the energy the melody could bring.


[Digital Single] 4minute – Jigudaepyo Rolling Stars OST

Jigudaepyo Rolling Stars OST is the fifth digital single by 4minute. It was used as the theme song for an animated film.

Released: November 11, 2010
1. Home Run (홈런)

Home Run pretty much follows the electropop sound that 4minute delved in throughout their early years. Unfortunately, like a lot of the B-side material from that time, this song is just a throwaway tune. Actually, I would argue that’s it’s one of their worst songs ever. The hooks are repetitive and obnoxious and the music is just bland. The verses are memorable just for the fact that they have no energy to them. It sounds like such lazy writing and there is no punch to them. The chorus is better in terms of energy, but the melody is just screechy and messy. Even Hyuna’s rapping in the chorus can’t save the song as it isn’t catchy at all.

Overall: This is one of my least favourite 4minute songs, if not my least favourite. It’s just messy and sounds like a quickly and poorly produced tune. The verses are sloppy and the chorus is trying to do too much.


[Digital Single] 4minute – Personal Taste OST Part. 3

Personal Taste OST Part. 3 is the third digital single released by 4minute.

Released: April 13, 2010
1. Making Love (사랑 만들기) [MV]

I’m not the biggest fan of OST songs largely because they are usually factory ballads. Making Love doesn’t really change much of that. A midtempo pop ballad with some R&B influences, the song sounds like it came from the early 2000s K-Pop. In retrospect, it’s a decent tune, but it doesn’t have anything that helps it standout from other ballads from the group or other artists. I do like parts of it like the musical arrangement which is quite pretty with its light beats and touches of synths. While the melody is nice, it doesn’t really grab your attention. The only part of the song that is strong comes from HyunA’s rapping.

Overall: It’s decent in some aspects, but just ends up a bit boring in the whole scheme of things. Not something I would repeat, but not terrible.


[Digital Single] SISTAR – Chronos Sword

Chronos Sword is the second digital single released by SISTAR. The song Chronos Soul was used as the theme to the video-game Chronos Sword.

Released: July 23, 2010
1. Chronos Soul [MV]

Chronos Soul is an uplifting R&B/pop hybrid with a bit more of a modern twist with its use of synths. It is in vein with songs like Beyonce’s Halo. I don’t think it’s particularly outstanding, but it’s a good song. It is rather generic though and at times rather forgettable. I feel like the melody is actually quite nice (and predictable), but I wonder if it would’ve been nicer without generic beats and synths dragging it down. The girls sound fine, but I’m not particularly buying it as their vocals don’t fit as tightly as they should with this kind of tune.

Overall: An ok song. Not something that would go on repeat too often. It comes off a little bland despite the uplifting quality.


[Digital Single] Joo – Cinderella’s Sister OST Part. 1

Cinderella’s Sister OST Part.1  is the second digital single released by Joo.

Released: April 5, 2010
1. Turn Around (뒤돌아봐)

Unlike the last OST song that Joo released, Turn Around is a bit more of the standard K-Pop ballad in its arrangement and is something that could have fit right into her first single. There isn’t anything particularly interesting about the actual music as it mainly focuses on the piano with the strings underlying it. However, the melody is quite nice and the overall delivery of the song is sad but powerful. Joo also sounds quite strong here as the song fits perfectly with her voice.

Overall: It’s safer than her last OST single, but it just fits much better with her.