[Mini-Album] ONF – We Must Love

We Must Love is the third mini-album released by ONF. The title track was used as the promotional track.


Released: February 7, 2019
1. We Must Love (사랑하게 될 거야)
2. Ice & Fire
3. Yayaya (별일 아냐)
4. Happily never after (첫 사랑의 법칙)
5. I Do

Instead of the usual bright pop tune that was somewhat expected from ONF, their return brings a change in atmosphere. We Must Love brings a darker tone, but it isn’t a terrible thing. The song isn’t something unheard of from boy bands before and actually feels like something by the likes of current SEVENTEEN or NU’EST, and it still brings some really wonderful moments. The chorus is especially strong with its attention grabbing melody that soon switches into a funky synth line. I wasn’t too keen on this song at first, but this part really won me over. Definitely the weakest of their three title tracks, but it’s still a solid tune.


I was a bit worried about what the rest of the mini would bring considering the quality of their first two. Ice & Fire brings us some groove with this funk-inspired pop song and I love the thumping bassline. The chorus took a bit time to get used to. I was hoping for something to grab my attention right away, but it slowly builds and it’s only in the second half where some fusion goes on that I really start to get into it. It’s a quality tune, but it takes some time to get into it. Probably my favourite of the songs.

I love how Yayaya opens with the strings and its light latin influence. I’m not quite sure what to think of this song in general. It feels like the sister of “We Must Love” and has a very similar structure. The pre-chorus with the blaring arrangement is just weird and things only get back on track once that clean chorus comes blasting in. It’s definitely an experiment and I feel like it will get more appealing as time goes on. For now, I’m not sure if I love it or not.

Happily never after comes cruising in with its light R&B vibe. I love R&B, but I’m on the fence with these kinds of songs. This one does do some really nice things by bringing some more interesting musical elements so things don’t get too boring. Also, the melody is relatively catchy. It feels like an updated version of iKON’s “Love Scenario” in some ways.


I Do initially sounds as though it will be the ballad of the mini, but the chorus totally changes things up with its drop. Instead, it feels like an interesting blend of something more sentimental that explodes into a darker tropical house influenced chorus. I do wish there were some vocal parts in this part because it sounds a bit empty. It isn’t bad, but pretty generic and I feel like ONF did it better before.

Overall: This was another solid mini-album from the group. I feel like this one didn’t stand out to me as much as their last two, but all the tracks were still pretty high quality. I think some of these tracks need some time to sink in as well and aren’t as attention grabbing on the first listen as I found myself enjoying them more with subsequent listens. At this moment, I still find it to be the weakest of their three mini’s though.


[Mini-Album] ONF – You Complete Me

You Complete Me is the second mini-album released by ONF. Complete was used as the promotional song.

Released: June 7, 2018
1. Complete (널 만난 순간)
2. Fly Me to the Moon
3. Good Morning (아침)
4. Fifty Fifty
5. Incomplete (나 말고 다)
6. 86400 (스물네 번)

Complete is easily one of my favourite songs of the year at this point. It is an upbeat pop tune that is a great follow-up to their debut as it is an exciting and fun song. I do prefer the promo song from their debut because it had a bit of a more unpredictable structure, but what makes Complete so strong is that it ties in some mainstream elements and makes it just such a solid piece. I love how the beat keeps the verses progressing, while the chorus is repetitive but so catchy. The instrumental piece is also really fun. Great!

Fly Me to the Moon is another upbeat synth-pop song that has a heavy bass beat, which is what I love. I do find this one doesn’t have the same energy as the last song, but tries to cool things down, which is a great change. The melody is quite catchy, although I feel like it could have been more melodic and not just play on repetition. It certainly has its charms though and that beat just makes up for everything. Not as strong as the title track, but a solid album song.

Good Morning is the type of song that isn’t totally my cup of tea as it is more relaxed. It does a good job of showcasing the vocals of the boys and providing some variety, but it just doesn’t hit the spot. The chorus would be better if the boys hit the song a bit harder. It’s just all a bit too soft and it lacks the energy of the last two songs.

Luckily, Fifty Fifty comes streaming in and it brings us back to the upbeat sound. This time, it seems the guys are going for something just a bit less bright and more mature. It has that funky beat that was present in the other songs, but it changes things up with the chorus. Instead of sliding right in, it brings a very powerful and explosive entrance. It isn’t what I was expecting, but it’s a needed surprise.

Incomplete continues the dance/pop sound, but is a bit cooler in its delivery. Bringing in some tropical house elements, the song plays it up a little bit, but has a nice, flushed out chorus that works beautifully with the graceful music. While it isn’t as hard-hitting as the other upbeat songs, it still works really well with what it has. Solid tune.

86400 is the mini’s ballad and while I wasn’t expecting anything to top the title track or Incomplete, 86400 is easily my favourite song on the entire mini. It starts off gentle, focusing on the gentle. However, it is that gorgeous chorus hook that really works nicely with the boys’ vocals. They all sound great, especially when the song gets more powerful around the end. It’s one of the most memorable album tracks I’ve listened to recently.

Overall: This mini might not top of the group’s debut mini, but it is still one of the strongest mini-album’s I’ve listened to. I think the only weak song for me was Good Morning, which I felt wasn’t needed, even if it added a bit of variety. Every other track was a quality tune and had both a memorable melody and flushed out music. I especially enjoyed the fact that there were so many upbeat tunes to choose from.


[Mini-Album] ONF – ON/OFF

ONF is a new boy band that debuted in 2017. They come from the same label as B1A4 and OH MY GIRL. Surprisingly, they have only released one mini-album up to this point. ON/OFF was their debut mini and the title track was used as the promo song.

Released: August 2, 2017
2. Difficult
3. If We Dream
4. Original
5. Cat’s Waltz

The mini opens with the title track, ON/OFF, and what a great tune it is. It’s a pretty stream-lined dance/pop tune in its sound, but it has some really clever parts that really help the song stand out. I especially love the chorus where the synth line comes in but falls into the melody, which is short but really effective in its delivery. I think the greatest part of the arrangement is that underlying light funk beat that keeps the ball rolling. It’s subtle, but quite effective in bringing a sense of vibrancy to the song. Excellent debut!

Difficult is an interesting change. It keeps up that bright pop sound, but has this rather annoying synth that keeps going on in the first verse. The chorus utilizes it in a better way as it is hidden in the background. The melody is quite catchy and I do enjoy the fullness of the music. The most interesting part is when the song goes into the instrumental break and goes for a more brassy sound that fades out. It’s a cool effect. This song could have definitely been a promo song if it was tweaked on a bit.

If We Dream is the ballad on the mini. It starts pretty slow and gentle and I quite like how dramatic it feels with the subtle bass beat and the touches of piano. The chorus is quite gorgeous and I love the melody and music. Halfway through, the arrangement changes things up so it brings a different kind of effect that feels like the song is rising. It really brings an unpredictable sound that works nicely with the more straight-laced melody.

Original is such a strong song! We are brought back to the fun pop sound of the first two tunes, but with something a bit stronger in the dance department. I love the more tropical house sound of the chorus because even if this style of song with its drop has been really overdone lately, the song brings a different flavour. Instead of the typical synthline, we are given some brass instruments and xylophones instead which really brings a more colourful feel (and the African influence is a really nice thing to hear). It’s definitely an interesting twist on the usual style and I love it.

Cat’s Waltz ends the album with a more midtempo piece. I do like that there is a bit of variety on the album and they aren’t just keeping with that bright pop sound. The good thing is that Cat’s Waltz still has some nice synth elements that help tie it in with the rest of the album. The song is surprisingly catchy and I do like it’s slower coffee-house kind of atmosphere. It’s not the most interesting song, but it’s still a nice addition with its fun musical arrangement.

Overall: This is one of the best mini-albums that I have listened to. Every song has a continuing theme that ties everything together with the bright synths and the production on each song is really high quality. The songs have great arrangements that are memorable and vibrant and the boys sound great in each one. This is an amazing mini-album and one of the best, if not the best of 2017.