[Mini-Album] OH MY GIRL – Summer Special

Summer Special is a special mini-album released by OH MY GIRL. A-ing was used as the promotional song. All the songs were covers of past Korean songs. This was also the last release to feature member JinE before her hiatus and eventual departure.


Released: August 4, 2016
1. A-ing (내 얘길 들어봐)
2. Christmas in Summer (한 여름의 크리스마스)
3. Je T’aime
4. Can See Your Lies (거짓말도 보여요)

A-ing is a cover of PAPAYA’s past hit from the early 00’s. It’s a pretty bright pop tune with its bouncy beat and sparkling synths. This song is a bit cartoon-ish at times, but it has a really catchy melody. The chorus is especially intoxicating with the airy vocals and touches of brass to give it some pop. The rap that comes in by Skull, HaHa and Mimi is really fun, even if it is an odd breakdown.

The next song goes for a more bossa nova and jazzier appeal. Considering the title, Christmas in Summer really comes off sounding like a Christmas song, so it doesn’t quite have that brightness that I would associate with mid summer. It’s still a pretty nice tune though and the girls all sound particularly good. Not quite my tastes, although I do wonder how the original holds up.


Je T’aime is the kind of song I wasn’t expecting the group to cover as it has a bit more of a pop/rock vibe to it and it’s great. I really like the energy the song has and it has a great nostalgic quality that sets it apart from the other songs. My only problem is that the chorus is a bit too powerful for the girls and their airy vocals don’t quite match and they get lost in it.

Things end on a slower note with the relaxing Can See Your Lies, which is a laid back R&B tune. The girls are much better adapted to this kind of tune and the tones of their voices work great here. The song itself is relaxing, which makes me think of the end of the summer. It’s not the most interesting song, but it is quite charming.

Overall: This is a pretty average mini. I think the only song I truly connected with was A-ing. While Can See Your Lies worked well with the group, it just isn’t the kind of song that makes me going back often. I wish there were a few more brighter pop songs.


[Repackaged] OH MY GIRL – Windy Day

Windy Day is the repackaged version of the group’s third mini-album, Pink Ocean. The title track was used as the promo song and was one of two new songs and a remix.

Released: May 26, 2016
4. B612
7. One Step Two Steps (한 발짝 두 발짝)
8. LIAR LIAR (Chinese Ver.)

WINDY DAY is one of my favourites from OH MY GIRL. The group changes things up for the quirky pop tune, LIAR LIAR, by bringing something a little more folk-like. This song has an uplifting quality that focuses a lot on the guitar to bring a brightness to the verses. The chorus is a bit different as there is an explosion of energy that pushes the percussion and synths. I love the catchiness of the song and the different sections of the chorus help to bring different intensities. The coolest part is that there is a variety of instruments that are featured that aren’t heard in your usual K-Pop songs.

STUPID IN LOVE is a relaxing pop tune with some light R&B elements. I quite like the verses because it feels like it is building to something big. The chorus isn’t as hard-hitting as I like, but the laid back nature of the song is a nice change of pace from the last song. I didn’t like the hook at first, but it did grow on me a bit. I just wish the girls didn’t sound so airy in their singing and had some power to their voices.

The repackage also includes the Chinese version of LIAR LIAR. Their pronunciation isn’t too bad, but I feel like that tied with the high-pitched delivery of the song is not the greatest combo. Not bad though.

Overall: The new songs were both pretty decent and I did like the new version of LIAR LIAR. I do feel like WINDY DAY sticks out like a sore thumb, especially considering a lot of the other songs are more on the straightforward “pop” route, but it’s a solid song that it carries itself well. STUPID IN LOVE could have a bit more power, but it was also solid.

A (new songs)

[Mini-Album] OH MY GIRL – Pink Ocean

Pink Ocean is the third mini-album released by OH MY GIRL. LIAR LIAR was used as the promo track.

Released: March 28, 2016
2. B612
5. One Step Two Steps (한 발짝 두 발짝)

LIAR LIAR is more in line with CUPID’s sound than Closer’s sound. It is an upbeat pop tune that has a bit of an unpredictable chorus. At first I hated the transition into the rather bright chorus because it just sort of ruined the vibe that the pre-chorus built up. The verses are great though and I like the more “talk-singing” going on. Nowadays, I like the chorus, as it does have some charming parts like the hook. It’s catchy. Not their best promo track, but definitely a solid tune.

B612 isn’t what I was expecting. This one is more on the midtempo side of things, but still continues the slight electronic sound of the last song with its light synths. Unfortunately, I feel like the transition into the chorus in this song just doesn’t do it. The energy builds up a bit and then the chorus comes in but everything just goes flat. The energy doesn’t go up and it just stays at a consistent level but very few, if any, memorable hooks. Has potential, but it gets boring.

I FOUND LOVE doesn’t have more energy, but it isn’t my cup of tea. The music isn’t bad, but the bouncy beat doesn’t feel like it matches the dragged out sound of the melody nor the odd background vocals. Everything doesn’t feel as thought-out as I would hope and it comes off as a B-side from a Disney movie.

Luckily KNOCK KNOCK comes dropping in as this one is much better. The song has a bit of funk in its music, which is what I love. The verses are also exciting because the beat tied in with Mimi’s rap helps to bring up the energy. The chorus isn’t as powerful as I want it to be, but it certainly has much better hooks and it comes off quite catchy. The vocal arrangement is more better placed and I like how everything blends into one. It’s fun.

One Step Two Steps was released as a pre-release single prior to this mini album’s release. It is an ethereal pop tune written by B1A4’s Jinyoung and it certainly has his touch. It’s the best song on the mini and probably my favourite OH MY GIRL song as it has the perfect mix of energy and hooks.

Overall: I feel like the only thing keeping this mini-album from being really strong are the hooks in the B612 and I FOUND LOVE. B612 sounds like it could be a stellar track if the chorus had more energy and catchier hooks and I FOUND LOVE should either be replaced or tweaked so the music matches the melody more. The other songs on the mini are great and solid pop tunes that show the different colours of the group.


[Digital Single] OH MY GIRL – One Step Two Steps

One Step Two Steps is the first digital single released by OH MY GIRL. It was released right before the group’s third mini-album.

Released: March 28, 2016
1. One Step Two Steps (한 발짝 두 발짝)

Up to this point, One Step Two Steps is my favourite of OH MY GIRL’s songs. It is written by B1A4’s Jinyoung and has that ethereal synthpop quality that his music has become known for (like his song In the Same Place for Produce 101). I love the music here because it just has an explosion of synths with such a great synthline. The verses aren’t bad, but the song definitely shines in the chorus where the energy is brought up another level and the girls’ sweet vocals fit the song perfectly. It’s gorgeous.

Overall: Great follow-up to Closer and a solid tune in general. It reminds me a bit of J-Pop, which makes me love it more. Certainly a great introduction into the group’s third mini and it should have been a bigger hit for them.


[Mini-Album] OH MY GIRL – CLOSER

CLOSER is the second mini-album released by OH MY GIRL. The title track was used as the promotional song.

Released: October 18, 2015

Opening with the title track, CLOSER, things take a huge turn when compared to their last promotional song, CUPID. Here we have something more along the lines of a dreamy pop song. Despite have a relatively heavy beat, the song works around a gentle piano line and wisely placed synths. This tied in with the whispery vocals really creates an interesting combo. My favourite part is definitely the middle eight as it calms things down before blasting off into the final chorus and rap. Everything is so nicely put together and this is a gorgeous tune.

SAY NO MORE changes things up with something that reminds me of Ariana Grande’s “Right Here”, largely because of the heavy beat and splash of synths. I do wish the song was just a bit faster in the chorus as it doesn’t really change things up from the verses, but I do like that it’s a change from the last song. It does effectively utilize some cool harmonies, which is a nice thing to hear. Pretty catchy tune.

PLAYGROUND is more along the lines of a poppier sound. I feel like there are some interesting ideas here, especially the chant-like background vocals and the cool guitar, but everything falls flat during the chorus. The melody just doesn’t go anywhere and the hooks are really weak. It’s unfortunate because the rest of the song is interesting.

Luckily, SUGAR BABY is a bit better. I do like the Doo Wop elements the song has and the verses are pretty nice. Unfortunately, like the last song, it’s the chorus that doesn’t quite hit the spot. It’s still pretty decent here, but I feel like it could have been worked on more. It reminds me of something from Girls’ Generation’s first album, but lacking the hooks to really make the saccharine cuteness deliver fully.

ROUND ABOUT finishes things with something a bit faster and hard-hitting. I love the funky guitar with the cool background vocals. The chorus is definitely stronger here and the hooks are more plentiful. I do wish the girls’ vocals were a little less edited when they are in unison as it doesn’t come off as impactful as it could be, but this is definitely a step up from the last two songs.

Overall: I was actually hoping for a few more songs as interesting as CLOSER. While the B-sides were decent, there were a few that just weren’t that strong. I feel like the choruses were lacking that one thing that really got the songs to hit that higher level like CLOSER does. The hooks just weren’t there.


[Mini-Album] OH MY GIRL – OH MY GIRL

OH MY GIRL are WM Entertainment’s first girl group. They debuted along with an onslaught of more “innocent concept” girl groups. OH MY GIRL is OH MY GIRL’s debut mini-album. CUPID was used as the promotional song.

Released: April 20, 2015
4. I Was Curious (궁금한걸요)

The mini opens with the title track, which is an intro. OH MY GIRL! is quite cute with the cheering and nanana’s. The sound combines some percussion and piano into something bouncy and it sort of reminds me of a J-Pop song. It’s a bit generic, but an interesting opener.

CUPID opens right after with an awesome beat. I love the percussion in this song tied with the synths that give it this choppy, but interesting sound. The verses are quite nice and memorable, but it’s the chorus that really shines. The first half is more anthemic, while the second half relies more heavily on a repetitive chant-like hook. They both work surprisingly well together. A really strong debut song.

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS is actually a bit more laid back with its midtempo pop sound. The beat is still quite strong, but the melody is definitely more calm. The chorus is actually a bit disappointing for me. It’s catchy, but considering the verse buildup, it ends up a bit flat and not as soaring as I would hope. It’s cute though.

I Was Curious continues the cheery pop sound. The song actually sounds a lot like the last song, but more gentle. I don’t think it is as catchy, but it does have quite a few interesting features like the whistling during the instrumental break. I just feel the song would have been better without such a strong beat. It doesn’t fit the melody, which would’ve benefited from something a little lighter. The hooks also aren’t very strong and it comes off a bit forgettable.

Overall: This is a pretty decent debut mini. I really like that all three songs have an uplifting pop sound and they were all decent listens. I do think CUPID stands out far more and feels much more put together. The B-sides were fun, but could be worked on a bit.