[Digital Single] Na Yoon Kwon & IU – It’s First Love

It’s First Love is the first collaborative single between IU and Na Yoon Kwon.

Released: January 12, 2010
1. It’s First Love (첫사랑이죠)
2. It’s First Love (Instrumental)

It’s First Love is a nice midtempo sort of ballad. It has a more relaxed nature to it but it still has some energy in the music which helps keep it from being boring. Both artists sound quite nice, but I do feel like this is more of a Na Yoon Kwon song than a duet with IU as IU is largely given harmonies. Their voices work really nicely together, but it would’ve been nice to see IU have a bigger presence. The melody is stunning though.

Overall: This was a nice collaboration single, but I think it would’ve been nicer to see the two trade off of each other. The song is a beautiful pop ballad and does play on the strengths of both singers.