[Mini-Album] MVP – MANIFEST

MVP is a 7-member boy band that debuted in 2017. MANIFEST is their debut mini-album. Take It was used as the promotional track.

Released: March 13, 2017
2. Take It (선택해)
3. Don’t Cry (눈물뚝)
4. Hear Me Out (끝까지 들어)
5. Late Night Call (자기전에 전화해)
6. Take It (inst.)
7. Hear Me Out (inst.)

MANIFEST opens with a pretty interesting intro in the form of the title track, MANIFEST. The beat is really cool and it has a strong hip-hop vibe going for it. It does a good job setting things up for the next song.

The promo track, Take It, is an interesting twist. The jackhammer riff calls back to an older K-Pop song from 2013, LC9’s “Mama Beat”. I think this is a really cool sound that isn’t heard often in K-Pop, but the song does it in pretty much the same way LC9’s song does, so it doesn’t come off as particularly original. Not to mention the structure of the song is pretty similar as well. With that said, I would say this one elevates things. The verses have some attitude to them and it really builds things up to the chorus. I do wish the hooks were a bit stronger here and played around with the melody more, but it’s still a rather catchy and fun tune.

It’s unfortunate that the next song is more on the boring side. Don’t Cry is a midtempo pop tune that focuses more on the vocals. The verses are decent, but largely forgettable. The chorus just isn’t that strong. The melody is dull and the “do, do, do” hook is really weak. There just isn’t that much impact to it, which is unfortunate as the rapping is good.

Hear Me Out is definitely more exciting than the last tune as it has a really exciting dance beat. That beat makes me think of something along the lines of BIG BANG meets Infinite, but the vocal delivery is definitely different. It isn’t the most memorable song, but it’s definitely a fun tune. I just wish the melody was catchier. I do like the vocals in the song though.

Late Night Call has the makings of a great song. The music has a chill sound to it, but it still has excitement to it. The melody has some cool ideas, but it just doesn’t execute as strongly as I would hope. The chorus just sort of comes by and really doesn’t stand out. I just wish the transition into it was a little more impactful as I felt like I couldn’t really find the chorus the first time through. The song is definitely the strongest since the promo song though.

Overall: I think this is a solid mini, but I was a bit disappointed. Take It such an exciting song that I was hoping that the rest of the mini would have the same kind of power to it. Instead, the rest of the songs are more on the poppier side of things. It’s fine, but the songs just didn’t stand out that much to me. It felt like every song had the potential to be better and didn’t quite hit it.