[Digital Single] Suzy – Pretend

Pretend is the second digital single released by Suzy. It was released right before her first mini-album.

Released: January 17, 2017
1. Pretend (행복한 척)

Pretend is a slower tune that fits with the light R&B/pop sound that is popular in Korea. What sets it apart is the chorus, which changes things up a bit by adding some distortion on Suzy’s voice and bringing in some synths. It’s a really nice touch and works nicely with the melancholic melody. While Suzy is an adequate singer, I wasn’t really expecting her to blow this song out of the water, but she does a really nice job here and her tone fits the sadder nature of the song.

Overall: This is the kind of song I was expecting from Suzy, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it is changed up a bit in some areas so that it doesn’t totally sound like the usual light-pop/R&B music from Korea. It’s a nice tune where the music fits nicely with the somber lyrics.



[Digital Single] Suzy – Wind Wind Wind

Wind Wind Wind is a digital single released by miss A’s Suzy. It was used as a CF song for Beanpole Outdoor.

Released: March 10, 2014
1. Wind Wind Wind (바람 바람 바람)

I’m really surprised with this song because it has a nice Mediterranean vibe that I wouldn’t have expected from Suzy. It’s a bit on the midtempo end, but has such a dynamic instrumental that things never get too boring even though it is laid back. The thing I was most surprised about was just how good Suzy sounds in this song. She doesn’t sing that much, but when she does, her tone really suits the song and helps elevate the song. Wind Wind Wind is gorgeous!

Overall: This isn’t my style of music, but this is a really nice tune and I’m pleasantly surprised by how gorgeous it is. Suzy sounds great and the guitar throughout the song is magnificent.