[Album] Ivy – My Sweet And Free Day

Ivy debuted in 2005 with a slightly sexier image. While her more aggressive upbeat songs became hits, she also became known for her strong vocals. My Sweet And Free Day is the debut album released by Ivy. What Happened Tonight and A-ha were used as the promotional singles with music videos, while I Must Be a Fool was performed on music shows.

Released: July 19, 2005
1. What Happened Tonight? (오늘밤 일) [MV]
2. Dawn Dawn Dawn
3. Poison Ivy
4. I.. (난..)
5. I Must Be a Fool (바본가봐)
6. Do It
7. A-ha [MV]
8. If You Want Me… (날 가지려면..)
9. A Prayer (intro) (기도 (intro))
10. A Prayer (기도)
11. Request (고백)
12. One Step
13. Old Bike (낡은 자전거)
14. Thelma & Louise (델마와 루이스)
15. I’ll Give My All… (다 줄께…)

Of course to start this album, the opener is the sensual What Happened Tonight?. This by far one of the strongest tracks on the album and probably one of my favourites. The strong R&B beats help the song keep the flow, but it’s Ivy’s voice that really heightens it and carries the song. She shows off her versatility by using a whisper-y tone and switching to a fuller sound. You can tell the girl has pipes, especially when she starts belting out at the end. Catchy and attention grabbing.

Dawn Dawn Dawn continues the upbeat trend, but with a more in-your-face sound. Utilizing a more ethnic style, this song does have a different edge to the previous song. With that said, I’m not as impressed with this song as the last. While it’s quite catchy, there seems to be something missing. The R&B sound here seems a bit outdated. Ivy’s vocals are great though.

Poison Ivy continues the whole ethnic feel, but utilizes the more outdated sound to its advantage. It is like the baby of the last two songs and is a personal favourite of mine on the album. I did wish Ivy showed off her vocals more as she pretty much uses the whisper-y tone throughout the whole song, but the song itself is just so well done that everything blends together and works out.

I.. really switches things up. Here, we are given an slow R&B ballad and something that really shows off Ivy’s vocals. I’m not fond of the verses because they are quite boring, but the chorus is quite good. Ivy’s voice just soars through the notes and she adds a lot of attitude into it. I just wish the song was a little more interesting as it just seems like a bland ballad otherwise.

I Must Be a Fool is a MUCH better ballad than the previous one. Here, Ivy not only shows off her vocals, but the melody is just really intriguing. Unlike the previous ballad, this one has a stronger R&B feel to it and with a much more uplifting feel.

Do It cuts through the slow fest and returns to us to the upbeat tunes. Do It is one of my favourites on the album, if not my favourite from the album. The song is just insanely catchy and while it has that R&B touch, it has just a more aggressive feel to it. I like that Ivy’s voice is just so much clearer and she’s not doing the whole whispering thing.

A-ha was the second promotional track from the album and pretty much follows the whole sensual R&B sound, but with a slightly more “sarcastic” feel. It’s catchy, but is a little annoying to me. I just do not like Ivy’s vocals in the chorus and at times in the verse it sounds like she is just mumbling. What Happened Tonight? does it much better.

If You Want Me… ditches the sexy and gives us a happy R&B pop tune. I didn’t really like this song when I first heard it years ago, but it has definitely grown on me. It’s catchy and just a very positive atmosphere to it. I just find the background vocals hilarious though.

A Prayer (intro) is an intro to the next song. XD It’s pretty much 50 seconds of orchestral instrumental. A Prayer is a ballad, which is pretty easy to hear from how the intro sounded. The song starts off quite good as it seems to have a full arrangement, but at over six minutes, it just becomes a bore after a while. It would’ve been a good song if it was cut down a bit, but it seems they just had some unnecessary bits to it. Ivy sounds great, but the song just takes so long to climax that even she got boring by the three minute mark.

Bah, Request is another ballad and this time a slow R&B ballad. While it’s great that this song is much shorter than the last one, it’s just as boring. Ivy sounds great, but the melody is just too weak to really go anywhere. Next. Finally an upbeat song again, that’s great.

Wow, One Step sucks. It’s definitely aggressive and has a strong R&B beat, but it’s pretty disappointing. The song always sounds like it’ll take off into something far more exciting, but it just stays as this middle level where it just becomes dull after a while.

Old Bike is another ballad, but with an acoustic touch to it. It’s different, pretty sweet sounding and I think it’s a lot better than the last two ballads. I really like how the song takes a huge step up around the end. Ivy just belts it all out.

Thelma and Louise is a midtempo R&B pop song that features Bobby Kim. It’s nice, but that’s pretty much it. Bobby Kim doesn’t do much and I don’t particularly like how Ivy doesn’t do much in the end. She could’ve wrecked the ending with her belts, but it felt rather empty.

To end the album, there is I’ll Give My All…. This ballad is very similar in style to a few of the others already found on the album, so it’s not really fresh, but it’s still decent. I guess it’s a good way to end as it shows off Ivy’s vocals quite well.

Overall: Well this album is really mixed with me. I especially enjoy the first half (up to track 8 ), as the songs are all so interesting. There is a good amount of upbeat tunes and a few strong ballads in between. My problems come right after the intro to A Prayer. Everything seems to become duller and more unnecessary. Seriously, this album should’ve just had 10 songs. Luckily there were a number of great songs on here.