[Digital Single] Girls’ Generation – Into the New World (Remix)

Into the New World (Remix) is the first digital single released by Girls’ Generation.

Released: September 13, 2007
1. Into the New World (Club Mix) (다시 만난 세계)

Into the New World (Club Mix) is a more “powerful” version of the original. The music is replaced with an electronic beat and a barrage of synths. It is an interesting twist on the original, but I think the main problem with this one is that it loses that inspirational touch that the original has. The melody just doesn’t quite fit this kind of music and while I love the electronic/rock edge of the chorus, it just feels overpowering and doesn’t quite let the melody breathe.

Overall: This is definitely different from the original and while it isn’t horrible, it just doesn’t match that feeling that the original gives. A large part of this songs longevity is the fact that it sounds inspiring and here, the melody just gets bogged down by synths. It loses its touch.



[Single] Girls’ Generation – Into the New World

Girls’ Generation debuted in 2007 and initially found moderate success. It wasn’t really until their 2009 hit song, Gee, that the group really became a household name. Since then, the group has become the most well-known K-Pop group and has broken many records and set many trends. Into the New World is the group’s debut single.

Released: August 2, 2007
1. Into the New World (다시 만난 세계)
2. Beginning
3. Perfect for You (소원)
4. Into the New World (Instrumental)

When Into the New World dropped in 2007, I was stunned. After anticipating their debut, the group blew away my expectations with this gorgeous and uplifting dance/pop tune. The powerful beat, memorable melody and lush harmonies all blend together really well with the inspiring lyrics. I love how the girls sing in unison during the chorus because it really helps to elevate the song. The ending with Taeyeon and Jessica belting it out is easily the best section of the song. It’s still my favourite song by the group. Beginning brings a bit of country and rock to things and it isn’t what I expected from the group. While I think it is the weakest song on the single, I love that it does bring something a bit different. I just wish the chorus had more impact as the vocals are edited in a way that it sort of loses the attitude of the verses. It’s a decent tune though. Perfect for You is a midtempo bubblegum pop song and I really like it. It’s a sweet tune and is definitely something that the group did best in their early days. The verses are pretty short, which helps bring out that lush chorus. The melody does seem to have a way of being stuck in your head and the girls all sound pretty nice here.

Overall: This single is a pretty solid release and a great debut from the group. The title track is just insane and in my opinion, the group’s best song. The B-sides aren’t as memorable, but they do have their charm and help to bring a bit of diversity to the single’s sound.