[Mini-Album] Cosmic Girls – WJ PLEASE?

WJ PLEASE? is the fifth mini-album released by Cosmic Girls. It is the group’s first release to not include their three Chinese members. “Save Me, Save You” was used as the promotional track.


Released: September 19, 2018
1. Save Me, Save You (부탁해)
2. You, You, You (너, 너, 너)
3. I-Yah (아이야)
4. Masquerade (가면무도회)
5. Hurry Up
6. You & I (2월의 봄)

The promo track starts things off on an upbeat note and it’s probably my favourite song from the group. Save Me, Save You took a while to sink in, but the group tackles their usual dreamy-pop sound while bringing a more aggressive beat and hook heavy delivery. I love how it keeps up the energy with the synths, but it’s the wonderful melody that really helps to propel the song forward. It feels like the type of song that always has something surprise me with every listen. It’s stunning and I love the direction the group has gone.


You, You, You brings that dreamy quality, but goes the bubblegum route with this sparkly pop tune. I wasn’t really expecting something like this, but there is still a great energy to it as well. The girls don’t go the cuter route with their solos, but there the mature delivery actually works in favour of the song as it brings a nice contrast to the higher-pitched chorus. It’s a catchy tune and easily one of the group’s strongest B-sides.

I would argue that I-Yah is easily the best B-side that the group has put out. This could have been a title track. It follows a similar route that “Save Me, Save You”, but the melody isn’t as hook driven. Instead, it feels like it focuses on the build up and eventual blast of the chorus. That’s not to say the chorus isn’t memorable because the melody is still quite beautiful. It’s just an urgent, swirling tornado of a song and it’s quite great.

Masquerade starts off with an almost waltz-like sound, but it soon brings a punch of a beat. I feel like this one tries to depart from the dreamy synths for a bit and instead brings something more in-tune to GFriend’s sound. It has a wonderfully layered chorus that has a brighter quality to it. It’s not as catchy as the other tracks, but I do enjoy the music quite a bit, although I would’ve enjoyed it more if they brought more waltz elements into it.


The next song stands out a lot. Hurry Up is pop, but with a bit of a retro influence to it due to the added brass backup. It’s another bright song, but I feel like it fits into the group’s older mini’s than this one. It’s cute and it is fun, but it’s a bit lackluster compared to the other tracks.

Ending things on a slow note, we get You & I, which is a pretty R&B/pop ballad. It’s not a bad song, but it’s the type of tune that many group’s have done before. When I listen to K-Pop ballads, I look for a strong melody. This song has a pretty nice vibe to it and I like the jazzier vibe of the chorus. I think it could be better, but it’s still a pretty solid ballad, albeit a bit forgettable.

Overall: This is easily the group’s strongest effort to date. The first three songs are great and while the quality teeters a bit in the second half, the songs aren’t that bad. “Save Me, Save You” and “I-Yah” are especially great and among the group’s best songs to date.


[Mini-Album] Cosmic Girls – Dream your dream

Dream your dream is the fourth mini-album released by Cosmic Girls. Dreams Come True was used as the promotional song.


Released: February 27, 2018
1. Dreams Come True (꿈꾸는 마음으로)
2. The Nutcracker (호두까기 인형)
3. Renaissance (르네상스)
4. Starry Moment (설레는 밤)
5. Thawing (겨울잠)
6. Dreams Come True (Chinese ver.)


Finally! Although the girls released something of a similar caliber on their first album with Miracle, the title track was a departure from the sound that the girls had become known for. Dreams Come True is a true return to that Secret style and I’m totally happy. It starts off beautifully with its soaring synths and powerful beat. The verses are so frantic that they keep the energy up and while the transition into the chorus isn’t quite obvious, the chorus itself has a great wormy catchiness that just takes a bit of time to seep into. Once I was hooked, I was hooked and this is easily one of my favourites from the group. The Chinese ver. that ends the mini retains its excellence even if the pronunciation isn’t quite there.

The Nutcracker is definitely more of the straightforward pop sound. It has a lot of energy to it, but there are some really fun slower moments that help to create balance. Unfortunately, this song doesn’t quite have that stand out moment for me. The melody just keeps up this frantic bouncing that just doesn’t quite let up in the chorus and unlike the last song that brings in different hooks, this one just hands us a pretty empty sounding tune. A bit disappointing.

I do prefer Renaissance though. There is a classy elegance to its delivery that is reminiscent of the group’s strongest songs. It doesn’t quite bring the wistfulness, but it does has a more focused sound than the last song. While I do prefer the verses, the chorus has a great punch to it that is helped by that steady beat. The melody is pretty solid, even if it isn’t the most catchy, it at least works well with the music.


With a title like Starry Moment, I was expecting something dreamy, but here we are given some throwback to 90’s R&B. I do quite like this change up in style and there are some elements thrown in that do keep that “starry” quality to things, specifically the synths. The chorus is a bit more pop in its sound, but it still works out surprisingly well and the transition isn’t too jarring. It’s a decent album track, although I wish the melody was stronger.

Thawing is a cuter tune, but I find it to be the weakest on the mini. The melody is just really weak and it feels a bit all over the place. The music isn’t too bad and continues the sparkly elements of the other songs, but it just doesn’t quite have a strong melody to take it to the next level. It’s definitely something I will forget later on.

Overall: This mini was pretty solid, but it did get carried heavily by the promo track. I was hoping that since the promo track was so strong, the other songs would retain that wistful power. Unfortunately, I only connected a lot to one other song. The others weren’t horrible, but were just a bit average. Not a bad mini though.


[Digital Single] Cosmic Girls – KISS ME

KISS ME is the first digital single released by Cosmic Girls.

Released: July 14, 2017

Following the more upbeat and bright pop sound of Happy, KISS ME is a tune that fits perfectly in the summery season. The song has a strong guitar backing that adds a lot of character to the music, but the general execution of the song is a bit lackluster. The best part is the pre-chorus as it builds up the hype. The chorus is just not for me. The hooks are weak and the girls sound indistinguishable with the high-pitched melody. Happy had a lot of character but this just feels like a weak B-side.

Overall: This was a bit disappointing to listen to considering Cosmic Girls have had three hit promo tracks in a row. This release was used to promote a makeup brand, but I still feel like it could’ve been a stronger song as this is just a bit on the generic and boring side.


[Album] Cosmic Girls – Happy Moment

Happy Moment is the first album released by Cosmic Girls. Happy was used as the promo song although Miracle was also promoted on shows.

Released: June 7, 2017
1. Happy
2. Miracle (기적 같은 아이)
5. Babyface
6. Plop Plop (퐁당퐁당)
7. Follow Me
8. B.B.B.Boo
9. Geeminy
10. Closer to You (지금 만나러 가요)

The title track, Happy, opens the album and it’s a change from the group’s previous promo songs. It feels like it shares more similarities to MoMoMo than it does to Secret or I Wish. I do quite like it as it has a really upbeat and bubbly sound to it and it keeps the energy going throughout the song. The verses shows more individuality while the chorus is definitely more on the repetitive side. The hooks are catchy and I really love the use of background vocals to keep the song sounding fuller.

Miracle is more in tune with the sounds of I Wish and Secret. It is a synthed up pop tune with a more “grand” that ties in the bubbly music if I Wish with the more dramatic melody of Secret. I do think the hooks in here are quite strong and I love the strength of the chorus. Definitely doesn’t grow as much as Secret, but I really like this song and the girls sound great. Exactly what I needed.

Mr. BADBOY goes the “spacey” pop sound and it reminds me of a Girls’ Generation B-side for some reason (I think the vocals). I love how the chorus has a bit more power to it and it comes out with a punch. It’s catchy and keeps up the vibe of the verses. I think after listening to the chorus, the verse just seems forgettable. Solid tune though.

SUGAR is another bubblegum pop song with a different swing of things. I love the odd fast-faced “talk-rapping” in the verses. The chorus is exactly what I was expecting. A saccharine, catchy pop melody. The hooks aren’t bad, but I feel like the overall song is sped up and it comes off a bit rushed. It’s not bad.

Babyface takes things to the next level and totally goes the spacey route. It has a lot of synths and starts off in a rather unpredictable way. The chorus is absolutely phenomenal though. I was not expecting that funk vibe in the music and the simpler execution of the melody. The rap that also pops in is also a nice surprise. This is great!

Plop Plop tries to tie in the spacey sound of their music into a midtempo tune. I feel like it wasn’t tied in as well as it could have been and there is something off about this overall delivery of the song. I think the speaking parts that keep popping up actually detract from the songs quality. The melody isn’t bad, but the speaking parts just distract the attention away from it.

Follow Me brings the energy back, but doesn’t quite hit the mark. It definitely goes the more bubblegum part, but the hooks just aren’t as catchy. The chorus just rushes by and nothing really sticks into my head. The rest of the song also felt like it was done before. It’s a bit lackluster, although the prechorus isn’t bad.

B.B.B.Boo is better than the last song just because it tries to do some interesting things. I like the chorus because the loud beat tied with the more ethereal, spacey quality of the melody and synths helps to create a cool contrast. It’s like light and heavy at the same time. It could be tweaked on a bit though as the melody is a bit repetitive.

Geeminy tries to slow things down a bit and it does provide a nice change of pace, at least until the explosive chorus. I want to like the song more as there are some nice elements to it like the synth usage and vocal arrangement, however, I just do not like the hook. The title just comes off sounding really odd here, especially repeated.

Closer to You comes in and ends the album on an actual slower note. I do feel like it sticks out like a sore thumb because it doesn’t really tie in with the other songs on here. While the music is quite nice, the chorus is a bit lacking in energy. It just comes in and leaves without much impact. I wish the hooks were stronger.

Overall: This album started off on a promising note and had some really strong tunes at the start. Unfortunately, about halfway through the songs just seemed to lack innovation. The songs began to blend together and lacked strong melodies to really stand out otherwise. Also, the ending song was a bit odd and should’ve been tied in some way to the rest of the “spacey” album. There were still some really nice surprises on here though like tracks 1, 2, and 5.


[Mini-Album] Cosmic Girls – From. Cosmic Girls

From. Cosmic Girls is the third mini-album released by Cosmic Girls. I Wish was used as the promotional single and has been their biggest hit to date.

Released: January 3, 2017
1. I Wish (너에게 닿기를)
2. Baby Come to Me
3. Say Yes (주세요)
4. Perfect! (최애)
5. Hug U (이리와)
6. I Wish (Chinese Version)

The promo track starts the mini and what a bright tune it is. I Wish has similar vibes to their last promo song, Secret, but in bubblegum pop form. I love the bouncy beat and the splashes of synths. I don’t think the melody is as intoxicating as Secret, but it is simple and catchy. I know some people didn’t quite like the inclusion of the rap because it ruined the flow of the song, but I actually quite like the break that it brings. It’s a fun tune and has grown on me.

I really enjoy Baby Come to Me and it’s definitely one of the group’s strongest B-side tracks. It’s bright and follows a similar vibe of the last song, but the chorus is a bit more melodic and reminds me a bit of 00’s J-Pop. It’s definitely not as hard hitting as the title track, but it’s a solid tune and one that I could see myself coming back to later on.

Say Yes slows things down with a relaxing acoustic pop/R&B tune. It’s not a bad song and it has a nice hook in the chorus. This is definitely the type of song that is popular in the cafes in Korea and so it’s not a real stand out piece, but it’s definitely relaxing and has a charm to it.

Perfect isn’t bad and brings back the bubblegum pop sound, but at an even higher sugary level. I don’t really like the verses because they aren’t memorable and just seem very unpredictable and confusing. The chorus is definitely a lot better and sound more fluid in its delivery. Once again, the song sounds very J-Pop to me, which is a nice change.

Hug U is another slower coffeehouse styled tune, but even slower than Say Yes. It has potential, but it is rather boring and is the type of the song that would get lost. The beat is just too slow and the melody has very little impact. Even the vocal performance is just so light and airy that it just doesn’t do too much for me.

The mini ends with the Chinese version of I Wish. It’s still the exact same song just with Chinese lyrics. It’s not bad and is still as catchy as the Korean version, although it’s a bit odd with the pronunciation. Still a fun idea to do!

Overall: This mini started off quite strong and I was thinking that it would’ve been stronger. Unfortunately, it started to falter around the end and I think the exclusion of Hug U would’ve been beneficial, or at least a full-fledged ballad that showed off the vocals. It’s a decent mini though.


[Mini-Album] Cosmic Girls – The Secret

The Secret is the second mini-album released by Cosmic Girls. This is the first release to feature 13th-member Yeonjung after her stint on Produce 101. Secret was used as the promotional song.

Released: August 17, 2016
1. Secret (비밀이야)
2. BeBe
3. Would You Kiss Me? (우주키스미)
4. Prince (짠!)
6. Good Night (이층침대)
7. Secret (Chinese Version)

The title track, Secret, opens the album and what an amazing piece it is. This was my favourite song of 2016 and it’s not surprised why. The song doesn’t really hit you right at the start, but it’s the type where the little quirks start to add up and work well together. The overall vibe of the song is quite dreamy, but there is still a lot of energy to it that helps to keep it from getting boring, especially the wonderful beat in the chorus. The musical arrangement is great as it really ties the beat with the space-like synths and violin-like synths together in such a nice fusion. The girls also sound great and the editing really helps them blend well into the music, while still showcasing the catchy melody. Seriously great.

BeBe changes things up with something a little more bubblegum pop. It is a bit of a change from the last song, but this song isn’t that bad. I really love how the verses pan out as there are some interesting ideas for the melody. The chorus is a bit on your standard side and really sounds like a follow-up to MoMoMo. I would definitely say this is much stronger than that one though as the hooks are definitely more catchy. I do think that it makes a strong B-side.

Would You Kiss Me? starts off like it would be a cute pop ballad, but then it adds a hip-hop beat and comes off as something a little weirder. Then the song goes into bubblegum pop zone. Unlike the last song, the verses and pre-choruses are terribly forgettable. The chorus isn’t bad and the melody is quite nice. I think the song relies a lot on the music as it has so much energy, but the melody doesn’t quite have the same impact. I do enjoy the hip-hop breakdown that the song pops up with to help contrast the pop sound of the rest of the song. I still like the whole song, I just wish it had more power though.

Probably the most upbeat song up to this point, Prince does a great job of bringing that needed power and synths. It actually reminds me a bit of what SNSD might do for their Japanese discography. The entire song really relies on this heavy drum-like beat that gives the song some energy. The blast of synths is nice as well, but especially in the chorus, I’m not entirely sure if it’s as nicely laid out as it could be. It’s a fun song though.

ROBOT continues the electronic pop sound. I really love the beat to the verses and while the weird fuzzy synth in the back is a bit annoying, it gives the song some character. I’m just really confused where the chorus is though since there is so much rapping in this song and jumping back and forth. I like the overall concept of the song, but I do feel the melody isn’t as strong as it could be. It just doesn’t fit with the music because it goes too slow. Cool ideas, but weak execution.

Good Night is the slowest song on the album and it’s a really nice change of pace. All the other B-sides are upbeat pop tunes with some electronic elements to them, so things started to blend in with each other after a while. This is a relaxing pop-R&B tune and the melody is actually quite nice. I was worried it would get boring, but the harmonies in the chorus help to give the song a bit of life. The bridge is also a nice change. Not the strongest tune, but at least something different.

The mini ends with the Chinese Version of Secret. Everything is the same except the girls singing in Chinese, which is a bit odd at times. Props to them though.

Overall: This was definitely an improvement over the girls’ last mini album. While it is a solid mini, I can’t say I’m terribly impressed by the overall package. The title track is amazing and there are a few nice B-sides, but many of the songs had very similar structures or arrangements. I was hoping for a bit more variety instead of just electronic bubblegum pop.


[Mini-Album] Cosmic Girls – Would You Like?

Cosmic Girls debuted in 2016 and were Starship Entertainment’s first girl group in six years. One of the biggest girl groups to debut from Korea, Cosmic Girls started with 12 members (later added a 13th). Would You Like? is the group’s debut mini-album. Both MoMoMo and Catch Me were used as promo tracks.

Released: February 25, 2016
1. Space Cowgirl
2. MoMoMo (모모모) [MV]
3. Catch Me [MV]
4. Tick-Tock
5. Take My Breath
6. MoMoMo (Chinese Ver.)

Space Cowgirl is a minute-long intro. It features a cool futuristic beat with some funky synths and a sample from the next song.

Speaking of the next song, MoMoMo comes crawling in with its more futuristic music. The song features a pretty strong beat that is layered by a bunch of synths. Even though there are twelve girls, each one is able to give their own style to this cute pop tune. While the song has grown on me quite a bit, I do still think there is something missing. It’s catchy, but the transition into the chorus is a bit odd and the hooks aren’t that strong. The song really relies on the repeated title to get its work done, but even that only lasts a few seconds. It’s decent though. With that said, I do prefer the second promo track.

Catch Me is a big change since it gives something a bit edgier with its R&B/Hip-hop sound. I like that it still remains somewhat lighthearted with the inclusion of the pre-chorus and the music still adds little touches to give it a “space-like” feel. The melody is just much catchier and the hooks are much stronger even though the chorus is mainly repetitive. I do feel like it could use something to push it to the next level, but it’s fun. EXY’s rap is really great though.

Tick-Tock is a bit more straightforward pop. It has a lot of potential because it is funky with the touches of guitar in the background. The melody is quite catchy and focuses a lot on the title being repeated. It’s simple, but rather effective. While I do wish it was a bit more melodic, it’s a decent filler.

I much prefer Take My Breath though. I feel like this one feels much more like a “SISTAR” song, especially something for the summer. It isn’t as refined as it could, but I think with some polish it could have potential to be a promoted song. I think my main problem is that the group’s vocals just sound too sweet for this kind of song. It’s decent, but could be better.

The mini ends with the Chinese version of MoMoMo. It is a bit odd at times, but the girl’s Chinese isn’t too bad and they have three Chinese members to help balance it a bit (even if Cheng Xiao has like 0 lines).

Overall: This was a decent debut from the group, but I feel like it could have been better. All the songs are pretty fun to listen to, but the problem is that they all seem to be missing the factor that really takes them to the next level. I feel like the music was trying too hard to do this “space-like” theme, but it ends up making the music a bit too saccharine. Also, the melodies could be more thought out for a few.