[Digital Single] BULLDOK – How’s This?

BULLDOK is a new girl group under Kconic Entertainment. Four of their members were part of the huge trainee show, Produce 101, with one ranking in the top 32. How’s This? is the group’s debut digital single.

Released: October 20, 2016
1. How’s This? (어때요?) [MV]
2. Feel Your Luv

I don’t particularly know how I feel about How’s This? I don’t think it’s the most stand out song, but it has really interesting ideas. The song is a bit of a monster in the sense that there are different sounds all placed into one song and the song doesn’t really flow in a straightforward way. It has a high energy rap piece for the verses then settles down for the bridge before hitting high again. I do enjoy the chorus though. It’s not energizing, but rather mesmerizing with its more hypnotic delivery. The hooks are fun as well. I just wish the music had a bit more energy.

Feel Your Luv is much different. Unlike the more serious and heavier hitting previous tune, we have some hip-hop elements added into a lighter midtempo pop song. It’s actually a nice mix as there is a fun contrast between the raps and the singing sections. I wish the chorus was catchier and had stronger hooks because the song could’ve been a whole lot better with something a little more attention grabbing, but I do like the laidback feel of the melody on the bouncy beat. It’s fun!

Overall: Both songs feature some hip-hop elements, but I do like that they are a contrast to one another. The title track is a bit of a mess, but it has some really fun elements to it, whereas the B-side is a little more laidback and chill. I do wish there were some changes in both songs, but it’s a decent debut.