[Single] Jennie – Solo

Solo is the debut single released by BLACKPINK member, Jennie.


Released: November 12, 2018
1. Solo

I was expecting something a bit different than what was actually delivered with Solo. The first verse is just not to my liking as the melody is just a bit odd. Luckily, this is replaced with a rap for the second verse. The pre-chorus really brings the energy up and Jennie really amps up the power with her voice. Unfortunately, the chorus is just so dry. The hook is weak and the riff that comes with it is just asking for something more to really power it instead of its bare backdrop. The ending gets a bit better as the beat really helps to elevate that riff, but it’s a little too late.

Overall:¬†This isn’t a horrible song, just bland. Jennie is a strong performer and her voice has enough character to really propel a song, as seen by the prechorus parts here. Unfortunately, the chorus just falls flat and really doesn’t elevate things.