[Digital Single] UEE – Sok Sok Sok

Sok Sok Sok is the debut solo single by After School member, UEE.

Released: June 21, 2011
1. Sok Sok Sok (feat. Jong Hyun (AS Boys) (쏙쏙쏙)
2. Sok Sok Sok (Inst.)

Sok Sok Sok is a charming pop tune that fits UEE’s image to the T. While I wasn’t really thinking this song would stand out, it’s actually quite good and is really catchy. I’m usually not used to the use of repetitive phrases in choruses, but it works here with the light beats and flowing synths. Obviously, the song isn’t spectacular vocally, but UEE gets by. I think her voice fits the song’s style well despite the obvious fact that the song also shows her weaknesses. The rapping added by the After School Boys member is also a nice touch since it adds the much needed punch to keep the song going.

Overall: Great song despite the lack of vocal prowess. I hope that if UEE continues her solo career, she follows this style.