[Digital Single] Bekah – Take Me To The Place

Take Me To The Place is the debut solo single and last release by (former) After School member, Bekah.

Released: June 21, 2011
1. Take Me To The Place
2. Take Me To The Place (Inst.)

Take Me To The Place is in all English and is in a similar vein to the R&B/pop tunes found in the US music market these days. It’s a striking song because it’s so well put together and feels perfect for what it was used for. With that said, I actually prefer the verses more than the choruses because the feeling a bit more bittersweet to me and I’m not the biggest fan of some of the higher notes found in the chorus. Vocally, the song is great and it’s a shame we never really got to hear much of Bekah’s singing voice. She is easily capable of holding her own and has a slight husk for her vocal tone.

Overall: Great release from a great member. Bekah easily shows her vocal capabilities here and it’s such a shame that she won’t release new material.