[Single] After School RED – The 4th Single Album

The 4th Single Album is one of two parts of well After School’s fourth single and the debut single for the subgroup After School RED. The title track was used as the promotional track and only includes Nana, Jungah, Kahi and UEE and it meant to be the sexier of the two subgroups.

Released: July 20, 2011
1. In the Night Sky (밤 하늘에) [MV]
2. Hollywood

Considering most fans were expecting something sexy, In the Night Sky ended up a little disappointing considering it sounds like a poppy SISTAR song. With that said, once you get into the song, it’s actually good. It’s clapping beats mixed with the subtle piano in the verses and the dotted synths during the chorus really give it a mysterious but relaxed feel. I also found the middle 8 to be the most stunning part of the song where everything seemed slowed down a bit. Vocally, it’s quite good and each member pulls their own, even UEE. Jungah totally dominates the song and rightfully so since her vocals are the strongest in this subgroup. Still, I actually prefer Nana’s parts as she seems to fit the song just right.

Hollywood is actually a song that includes all of After School. Unlike the last song with it’s more relaxed style, this one has more dance qualities to it. I can see how it ties with the last song though, as there are elements that seem similar such as slower pace. I’m not a big fan of the song though. It’s good, but I feel there is something missing with the overall delivery and at times it’s a bit empty.

Overall: Both songs on this single are little disappointing in the sense that I imagined it to be something upbeat and fierce. With that said, both songs are still good listens. I found the title track to be a great laidback pop tune with more mature elements to it and while I’m not a big fan of Hollywood, it’s a decent listen.