[Single] After School BLUE – The 4th Single Album

The second part of The 4th Single Album is the fourth single release by After School and the debut single by subgroup After School BLUE. The title track is meant to have a cuter sound and only features Raina, Jooyeon, E-Young and Lizzy.

Released: July 20, 2011
1. Wonder Boy (원더보이) [MV]
2. Lady

Living up to the hype, Wonder Boy is certainly a cute song and fits the subgroup’s image quite well, but at the same time differentiates itself from After School’s other subgroup, Orange Caramel. The song features a more held back verse in order to focus on the explosive chorus with it’s flying synths and bouncy beat. It’s a pretty good song as it’s quite catchy although I’m not a particular fan of the chorus opening. I find the coming coming come to me a little annoying, but it certainly steps up right after. Vocally, it’s a song that actually shows off the group’s voices. All of them sound great and Jooyeon, who is often considered the weakest vocalist in the group, has shown improvement. There is an obvious dominance of Raina in the song and it makes sense considering the amount of showtime Jungah had in the last song.

Lady features all of After School and is a little different from what I expected. It’s a good song though and has qualities of In the Night Sky in it with its laid back feel and clap beats but a little more toned down. There isn’t much to say about it cept it’s more like In the Night Sky #2. Vocally, it’s well done and each of the members sound quite good.

Overall: While the single didn’t blow me away, it was a good listen altogether and both songs are quite well done. I’m glad the title track was able to differentiate itself from the sound of Orange Caramel or it would’ve made more sense to just have it released with that subgroup. Lady was just a solid track.