[Digital Single] HyunA – Change

With over three years of experience, it comes to no surprise that HyunA had what it took to hit solo. Although still a member of 4minute, she took the opportunity to react on her popularity and release a song. Change is the debut digital single by Change and features Yong Jun Hyung from BEAST. I remember that the song was really popular in Taiwan during the summer.

Released: January 4, 2010
1. Change (feat. Yong Jun Hyung from BEAST) [MV]

Change (feat. Yong Jun Hyung from BEAST) gives us a powerful dance/pop tune with hip-hop undertones. Right when the song it opens, it already brings attention with its sexier atmosphere. While it does utilize the ever popular repetition of the title, it does so in a way that allows it to avoid the redundancy found in many of today’s current K-idol tracks. It’s strong beats, with the overall dark atmosphere gives the song an extra edge and works with HyunA’s sexier image. While the song does have a lack of singing, thisĀ  rap-singing actually gives the song a boost and brings a more aggressive side to it. Junhyung rap break also works very well here unlike other songs where the rapping often breaks the singing in an awkward way.

Overall: For the first digital single, HyunA sure knew how to bring it. It makes me wonder what she will bring next as it will definitely be difficult to top this song. It’s aggressive, catchy and sexy.