[Digital Single] 4minute – Cold Rain

Cold Rain is the thirteenth digital single released by 4minute. It was used as a pre-release single to their sixth mini-album.


Released: January 26, 2015
1. Cold Rain (추운 비)

This is a bit of a welcomed change for 4minute. Instead of the usual high-energy pop songs that the group usually releases, we instead get one of the group’s best ballads, if not their best. Cold Rain is a haunting pop ballad that has some darker tones to it. The music is mostly comprised of some light synths, guitar and percussion, but the melody is really beautiful as well. I’m not a fan of most of the group’s ballads, but this is quite nice and it does a great job of showcasing the group’s vocals.

Overall: This was a stellar pre-release single and a great way to showcase that the group can tackle a ballad really well.


[Mini-Album] 4minute – 4minute World

4minute World is the fifth mini-album released by 4minute. What Are You Doing Today? was used as the promotional song.


Released: March 17, 2014
2. What Are You Doing Today? (오늘 뭐해)
3. I’ll Tell You (알려 줄게)
4. Come In (들어와)
5. Thank You (고마워)

WAIT A MINUTE opens the mini on a fun note and is reminiscent of something from f(x) or Red Velvet. I don’t think the group pulls this off as well and I prefer them to do something more hard-hitting. With that said, it’s not a bad opener. It has a fun sound with its funky synths and pounding beat. My only gripe is that the song doesn’t go far enough. The chorus needs to be more in-your-face as the melody doesn’t quite get stuck in my head.


The promo track, What Are You Doing Today? is easily a call to their last few Brave Brothers songs. I actually find this one to be the strongest of the three promo tracks because the song has a silliness to it that works wonderfully with the catchy hooks. The verses are fun and that sung pre-chorus by Gayoon really helps to smooth things out before we get to the simple chorus. It’s just a fun song overall.

I’ll Tell You only features Jihyun, Jiyoon and Sohyun. It’s a bit of a change from the last two brighter tunes as it has a pretty strong guitar and has some sass to it. The verses are interesting, but it’s the pre-chorus where things shine. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of the chant-like chorus here. It just sounds flat after the build-up. Luckily, the rap really helps the song. It’s a pretty decent song though.

Come In is a duet between Gayoon and Hyunah. Here we get some great midtempo R&B flare and while these songs can get a bit boring at times, I do like that the girls are able to play off each other. Hyunah’s rap helps to bring some spice and Gayoon’s sweet vocals sound especially delightful here. The melody is also surprisingly catchy, which I was not expecting. It’s not the strongest song, but a nice tune.


Unfortunately, the next song just isn’t my cup of tea. I’ve never been a huge fan of mid-tempo acoustic tunes and this is no different. Thank You is sweet, but just feels like it will get forgotten in the background. The melody isn’t particularly catchy and the music just lulls along. Not for me.

Overall: This is their most consistent mini yet. While I did not enjoy the final track all that much, the rest of the mini was quite solid, especially the promo track. I’m still waiting for a release to really blow me away as I still feel like the group’s album tracks are lacking compared to their promo songs, but this is definitely the step in the right direction.


[Digital Single] 4minute – Is It Poppin’?

Is it Poppin’? is the ninth digital single released by 4minute.

Released: June 28, 2013
1. Is it Poppin’? (물좋아?)

Is it Poppin’? can be seen as a follow-up to What’s Your Name? from the group’s last mini-album. Both songs were made by Brave Brothers and feature a brighter sound that has a barrage of hooks. I actually prefer Is it Poppin’? and it is one of my favourite 4minute songs. It isn’t as fast-paced, but has a more dragged out delivery. The sparkly synths, bouncy percussion and odd sounds all make a funky, but summery vibe that works nicely with the insanely catchy chorus. It’s not an in-your-face kind of song, but really worms its way into your ear.

Overall: This is a great follow-up single to the group’s last mini-album and really continues the hook-heavy pop sound that was present in that release. It’s a solid tune that works really nicely with the summer season.


[Mini-Album] 4minute – Name is 4minute

Name is 4minute is the fourth mini-album released by 4minute. What’s Your Name? was used as the promo track.

Released: April 26, 2013
1. What’s my name?
2. What’s Your Name? (이름이 뭐예요?)
3. Whatever
4. Gimme That
5. Domino

The intro, What’s my name?, is like a lot of 4minute’s other intros. It is a heavy hitting, hip-hop tune that tries to get the energy up. It’s not bad, but a bit outdated sounding.

What’s Your Name? is different from 4minute’s last few title tracks just because it brings a less serious and more bubblegum pop sound to their music. Written by Brave Brothers, this one focuses more on the hooks and has a really catchy melody. It’s a bit repetitive with the repeated title, but it’s intoxicating and there are some other parts of the song that really bring some more interesting aspects.

I don’t know what to think of Whatever. It has a funky and commanding beat, but I don’t think I’m a huge fan of the melody. It’s the kind of song that switches around with different sounds. Some sound good, some are a bit lacklustre. I do like it tries to play around with things and it has a cool electropop feel to it. Not bad.

Gimme That brings some hip-hop elements into the song. It does well by bringing some continuation from the last song. Unfortunately, I don’t quite like how the chorus sounds as the melody doesn’t totally fit the music. I feel like the melody is stronger and needs something more polished. Not really my kind of track.

Domino continues the uptempo dominance. I do like it has a different sound compared to the other songs on the mini with its underlying guitar. It has a good energy to it and I do quite like the music in the chorus. I do wish the melody was a little catchier because it doesn’t have as strong of hooks as the other songs on here. It’s a bit lacking in that area and makes it less memorable. Still a solid tune.

Overall: This ain’t a bad mini album. I do think the album tracks are less memorable than the ones on their last, but at least there are some solid tunes on here. The promo song is definitely the highlight of the mini-album.


[Digital Single] 4minute – School 2013 OST Part.1

School 2013 OST Part.1 is the eighth digital single released by 4minute. It was used as the OST to the drama, School 2013.

Released: December 4, 2012
1. Welcome to the School
2. Welcome to the School (Instrumental)

I don’t really know what to think of Welcome to the School. It has a really interesting beat and there is a lot of energy, but the vocal editing is just so odd. The beat completely overpowers the vocals and it causes for a weird affect where you can’t really hear the girls singing because their voices are both distorted and pushed to the background. What’s also odd is that Hyunah’s rap is completely fine and absent of this editing. I really wish it was tweaked because the song is actually quite catchy and the music is a lot of fun.

Overall: This song is really fun and was a quality change up for 4minute. Unfortunately, the vocal editing of the song ruins a lot of the songs potential because it causes the lyrics to be difficult to hear and it loses some of the energy the melody could bring.


[Digital Single] 4minute – Shinsadong Tiger Project Album Super Market

Shinsadong Tiger Project Album Super Market is the seventh digital single released by 4minute.

Released: August 30, 2012
1. Over and Over (R.Tee Mix)
2. Over and Over (Original Mix)

Over and Over is 4minute’s best digital single since their debut. It is surprisingly a song that doesn’t really have that “4minute” sound to it. The R.Tee Mix is a pretty full-fledged EDM tune with its simple and bombastic chorus while the Original Mix has a bit of an 80’s funk feel. I like the more dramatic sound that it has as their is a melancholic quality to the melody. I do think the vocal editing could be done a bit better as it doesn’t quite match the song, but it’s still an interesting change. I do prefer the R.Tee Mix of the song as the energy is more consistent and it reminds me of something T-ara would do.

Overall: This is a pretty sudden change from the group’s usual material, but I think it was nice to hear a bit more variety. It does have its issues like the vocal editing and the melody could be more interesting at parts, but it’s still a cool tune and I like the darker quality of it.


[Digital Single] 4minute – Freestyle

Freestyle is the sixth digital single released by 4minute. The song was used as the theme to an online video game of the same name.

Released: August 3, 2011
1. Freestyle

At least compared their last digital single, this one is such a big step up. Freestyle is a bright dance/pop song and it sounds like there was some effort put into the song. It isn’t just a weak verse and a messy chorus. It’s not the best song and it’s quite generic, but it would still fit nicely into a 4minute album. The verses are the strongest part of the song and the chorus isn’t too bad, although I’m not a fan of the odd pre-chorus. The second half of the chorus is nice as the hook is simple but catchy. I do think the stand out part is Hyuna’s rap though.

Overall: This is easily a “B-side” kind of song. It’s cute and catchy, but it’s not the type of song I would revisit often. It’s really generic and could still be tweaked on in several places. Still loads better than their last digital single.