[Digital Single] 1PS – The First Score

1PS debuted in early 2014 and they seemed to be going in the right direction. Their song was well-received and they got a little fanfare. Unfortunately, it seems it was the first and last time we would hear of 1PS since they haven’t released anything since. The First Score was their first and only digital single. Because I’m Your Girl was the promoted track.

Released: March 3, 2014
1. Because I’m Your Girl (여자이니까) [MV]
2. Flutter (설레여)
3. Because I’m Your Girl (instrumental)

While Because I’m Your Girl treads into the cute-harmless pop territory, it does a good job maintaining a sense of maturity to it. A large part of this is due to the vocals as the girls are much stronger sounding vocals than many other groups. The girls really do a good job in the song and their vocal capabilities are easily showcased in this song. I do have a problem with how difficult it is to differentiate their vocals though. Especially during the chorus, the girls blend together and pretty much sound like one person. The song itself is quite nice. It doesn’t really stand out in terms of melody or arrangement, but it is a solid safe piece. I really love the piano throughout the song as it definitely gives the song its life.

Flutter slows things down a little with a midtempo ballad. It’s quite nice and I think the song is much cleaner in delivery compared to the last song, although it isn’t as interesting. The music is pretty much nice and has a nice blend of percussion, guitar and strings. I enjoy the opening chorus hook as it has a lot of energy to it and the melody is nostalgic of early 2000s K-Pop girl groups. The girls sound excellent here and we get a few big notes, especially during the bridge. Unfortunately, they don’t sound very distinctive except one.

Overall: The First Score was a rather safe release, but a pretty solid one too. Both songs stay in the harmless pop zone and don’t really venture out of it or experiment with anything. There isn’t anything wrong with that though as both do their job of showing off the girls’ voices. With that said, the songs aren’t ones that I would particularly play over and over.