[Digital Single] f(x) & M.I.C – Lollipop

Lollipop is a collaboration digital single between f(x) and Chinese group M.I.C. It was used to promote the LG Electronic Cyon cellphone in China.

Released: January 3, 2010
1. Lollipop [MV]

First of all, Lollipop is in Mandarin, which is an interesting twist. Much like f(x) last promotional song, Chocolate Love, this one follows a similar electropop but on a lighter level. The song is pretty much broken up between the singing parts and semi-raps where the member just repeats “Tian Tian De Lollipop”. It has a slightly humorous quality about it, but it would’ve been nice to see that pushed a little further. While I feel both f(x) and M.I.C are talented, they brought little personality to this song and their voices ended up pretty flat especially when it came to the guys’ parts. It was nice to see Victoria taking lead though and her voice surprisingly worked with the chorus.

Overall: I really enjoy the song, but like I said, the song fell flat a bit on the delivery from the artists. The girls brought a bit of personality, but it still wasn’t enough and the guys just sounded bored.