[Digital Single] IU – Road No. 1 OST Part. 3

Road No. 1 OST Part. 3 is the third digital single released by IU. It was used for the drama, Road Number One.

Released: July 14, 2010
1. Because I’m a Girl (여자라서)
2. Because I’m a Girl (piano ver.)

Because I’m a Girl is your usual OST ballad with its dramatic strings and gradual building up into that bigger final chorus. With that said, it’s a pretty good song. The melody is memorable and IU’s voice is quite emotive. Actually, I think this is one of her strongest vocal performances and this really shows the vocal improvements she made in two years when compared to Lost Child. Although I probably won’t revisit the song again, it is a pretty solid ballad.

The piano ver. is just much shorter and really focuses on IU’s voice. It’s a nice rendition and I like that it isn’t very long as the main version is the stronger one.

Overall: This is a pretty good OST single. It’s generic in the sense that these are the kinds of songs one would hear in many dramas and it can sort of get lost in the sea of these songs, but this is one of the stronger examples.


[Digital Single] IU – Nagging

Nagging is the second single released by IU. The title track includes 2AM’s I’m Seulong.

Released: June 3, 2010
1. Nagging (잔소리)
2. Rain Drop

Nagging is a pretty sweet sounding pop song with a bright and bouncy quality to it. Both IU and Seulong do a good job, although I find IU’s sweet vocals to fit the song a little better. Maybe it’s the mixing, but IU’s vocals seem clearer. Still, it’s a pretty nice song and has a catchy melody. The music is really fun and I love the strong beat tied with the string-like synths.

Rain Drop is a little slower and brings a sweet quality that reminds me a bit of spring. It’s not particularly catchy, but I do like how the music sounds and has some folk-like elements that helps it stand out from the other song. IU also shows some of her vocal ability in this song. A cute tune.

Overall: This was a decent single. I think both songs are quite sweet and are a good fit for IU’s vocals, but I don’t feel any particular attachment to both of the songs. There are some nice moments here and there, but IU has easily eclipsed these songs.