[Digital Single] Cosmic Girls – KISS ME

KISS ME is the first digital single released by Cosmic Girls.

Released: July 14, 2017

Following the more upbeat and bright pop sound of Happy, KISS ME is a tune that fits perfectly in the summery season. The song has a strong guitar backing that adds a lot of character to the music, but the general execution of the song is a bit lackluster. The best part is the pre-chorus as it builds up the hype. The chorus is just not for me. The hooks are weak and the girls sound indistinguishable with the high-pitched melody. Happy had a lot of character but this just feels like a weak B-side.

Overall:¬†This was a bit disappointing to listen to considering Cosmic Girls have had three hit promo tracks in a row. This release was used to promote a makeup brand, but I still feel like it could’ve been a stronger song as this is just a bit on the generic and boring side.