[Digital Single] SISTAR – One More Day

One More Day is the fourth digital single released by SISTAR. It is a special collaboration with famous disco producer, Giorgio Moroder.

Released: November 22, 2016
1. One More Day
2. One More Day (TAK Remix)
3. One More Day (Instrumental)
4. One More Day (TAK Remix) (Instrumental)

I really love a lot of the music that Giorgio Moroder made for Donna Summer, so I had high expectations for this song when it was first teased. Fortunately, the song is stellar and it is easily one of SISTAR’s strongest offerings. One More Day has a pulsating beat that runs throughout the song and while it starts off in a slower way, once the chorus comes, things start to pick up. The song is a bit repetitive, but there is something just so compelling about the melody and it is still able to worm its way through to my mind. I especially love how the “One More Day” hook plays out.

The TAK Remix of the song is an interesting update and makes things a bit more contemporary as it brings a stronger EDM influence. I do like it, but I do wish the music after the chorus hit a little bit harder.

Overall: This is a strong digital release by the group and one of their best songs. It is a nice blend of old and new and despite the fact the song is more dramatic and slower in its delivery, everything is still fresh. Hyolyn especially shines throughout this song.