[Mini-Album] ASTRO – Winter Dream

Winter Dream is a special album released by ASTRO that was a gift for their fans. Again was used as the promotional track.

Released: February 22, 2017
1. Again (붙잡았어야 해)
2. Cotton Candy
3. You & Me (Thanks AROHA)

I actually love Again, even if it is a departure from the brighter and cuter sound of the group’s previous promo tracks. Again is more serious and sadder, but it is still gorgeous. The gentle piano that touches the surface of the music adds a bit of emotion despite the instrumental being fueled by a heavy beat, synths and guitar. The boys also sound great and it is a nice glimpse of their vocal capabilities.

Cotton Candy is what we usually get from ASTRO as it is a bright and sweet pop song. I quite like the music because the touches of bass really give it some edge. With that said, I don’t like the pre-chorus where everything decides to switch to a hip-hop edge and then it blasts into the bubblegum pop again. It’s an odd transition and just cuts the flow of the song. With that said, the melody itself isn’t that memorable and I can see it more as a filler.

You & Me (Thanks AROHA) is a song for the group’s fans. It’s more of a midtempo pop tune and I surprisingly really like it. It’s not the most interesting song, but it is better than the last one and it is quite sweet. I like the bounciness of the music and it works nicely with the cute melody and the boys’ bright voices. Not the strongest of the group’s album tunes, but a decent one.

Overall: This is an interesting mini, but I think it largely depends on the strength of the promo track. Again is a change, but it is still a gorgeous track and surprisingly works for the guys despite being more serious. Unfortunately, the other two songs are weaker. The fan song is a decent tune, but it is a bit generic and not that interesting musically, while the other tries too much and doesn’t execute anything in a strong way.