[Mini-Album] SISTAR – Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour is the second special album released by SISTAR. It included two new songs and four remixes. I Swear was used as the promotional single.

Released: August 26, 2014
1. I Swear
2. Hold On Tight
3. Loving U (House Rulez Remix)
4. Touch My Body (Glen Check Remix)
5. Give It to Me (Reno Remix)
6. Gone Not Around Any Longer (Smells Remix) (있다 없으니까)

The mini opens with I Swear, which continues the summer sound that SISTAR was well known for. Instead of following the brighter sound of Touch My Body, I Swear takes us back to the Loving U feel and its more nostalgic end of summer sound. It features a nice underlay of synths and fast-paced beat, but the highlight of the music is definitely that touch of brass in the chorus. It really helps propel the more sung out chorus. It’s a catchy tune in general and is definitely something that easily gets stuck in your head with its sweet lyrics. Sometimes gets a bit lost in between the group’s summer tunes, but it’s a good followup to Touch My Body.

Hold On Tight continues the summer feel, but this time with something a bit more midtempo. It definitely has that nostalgic end of the summer kind of sound and this works well with the R&B elements. The music has some fun qualities with its more bouncy sound and mix of the heavy beat and brass. Unfortunately, I do find the song to be a bit forgettable in the long run. A decent B-side, but nothing that really shines.

Touch My Body (Glen Check Remix) is a cool remix and really hearkens back to the 90’s house sound. I quite like it, but this is the type of song that works well in the club. It is a bit of a drag to get through cause there is really no vocal part except for the title being repeated.

Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of the Loving U (House Rulez Remix). It has a cool beat, but the song is just really forgettable and I don’t think the melody works well with the music. It’s a weird mash.

Give It To Me (Reno Remix) is a bit better because we actually get some of the vocal parts in here. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of these kinds of remixes. It’s a bit empty for me.

Gone Not Around Any Longer (Smells Remix) is a cool change from the original. Probably the strongest of the remixes with its change to something more bare.

Overall: I love the promotional song and it is one of my favourite SISTAR songs. However, the rest of the mini is just forgettable. Unlike their last special album, the remixes were just boring this time around and did nothing to enhance the originals or bring something new.