[Digital Single] 4minute – Personal Taste OST Part. 3

Personal Taste OST Part. 3 is the third digital single released by 4minute.

Released: April 13, 2010
1. Making Love (사랑 만들기) [MV]

I’m not the biggest fan of OST songs largely because they are usually factory ballads. Making Love doesn’t really change much of that. A midtempo pop ballad with some R&B influences, the song sounds like it came from the early 2000s K-Pop. In retrospect, it’s a decent tune, but it doesn’t have anything that helps it standout from other ballads from the group or other artists. I do like parts of it like the musical arrangement which is quite pretty with its light beats and touches of synths. While the melody is nice, it doesn’t really grab your attention. The only part of the song that is strong comes from HyunA’s rapping.

Overall: It’s decent in some aspects, but just ends up a bit boring in the whole scheme of things. Not something I would repeat, but not terrible.


[Special] Top 500 J-Pop Songs #365

Title: Taiyou to Himawari (太陽と向日葵; Sun and Sunflower)
Artist: FLOWER
Released: 2013
Genre: Pop / Dance

FLOWER debuted in 2011 and became one of the many girl groups of E-Girls. Like their male counterparts from EXILE, FLOWER is composed of a set of singers and dancers, although up to this point two of the three vocalists have already left the group. Taiyou to Himawari was the fourth single released from the group and their first of three entries. What I love about this song is how well the verses flow into the chorus but still give enough contrast where they don’t sound entirely the same. It’s a dreamy pop song with some light R&B qualities and dance elements. The vocalists (three at this time) do a good job just flowing over the relatively fast-paced and intense musical arrangement. The melody is also quite beautiful and fit the rather interesting lyrics that intertwine the talk of the sun and summer with love. An overall gorgeous song.

[Special] Top 500 J-Pop Songs #366

Title: Why
Artist: ayaka
Released: 2007
Genre: Pop / Rock

ayaka debuted in 2006 and burst onto the scenes. She scored numerous top 10 hits and she was able to sell quite a lot of records until her hiatus in 2009. Two years later, she made a come back and she has continued to release music since. Released from her seventh single, Why is ayaka’s first of six entries. Used as a theme for Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Why is a charming midtempo ballad with some rock elements. The music is pretty laidback and only gains some steam when the chorus kicks in, but even then the song is primarily powered by the melody although there is a pretty wicked electric guitar. ayaka’s voice is just so strong and she easily keeps the song going forward. This is the type of song that needs some power and ayaka definitely doesn’t get lost.

[Special] Top 500 J-Pop Songs #367

Title: Uso (嘘; Lie)
Artist: SID
Released: 2009
Genre: Rock

Uso was released as SID’s third major single and is their second of three entries on the list. Like their last song, Uso bares quite a bit of resemblance to Monochrome no Kiss. It’s an exhilarating and fast-paced pop/rock tune, but it doesn’t have the extra edge of the more traditional elements during the verses. Despite that, the song is definitely stronger on a whole. The melody is definitely more interesting and I really enjoy how the chorus sounds. It seems to just fly over the arrangement, which is more lighthearted than their last song. One of their strongest.