[Digital Single] Secret – Talk That

Talk That is the second digital single released by Secret. During promotions, the girls got into a car accident and had to postpone promotions.

Released: December 4, 2012
1. Talk That [MV]

Talk That brings a change from the usual Secret flair. Unlike their last couple of promotional tracks, this one rids itself of the retro sound and brings something a little more modern. The background music basically consists of the beat ontop of an almost sci-fi sounding undertone. The melody is quite sad and the vocal arrangement itself brings a nice touch of ballad but with a fast enough pace to make it catchy. It’s vocally pleasing as well since all the girls sound pretty good. The biggest surprise is having Zinger (now known as Hana) sing and the fact the song has no rap break. The only thing that I wish the song had was a bit of a push at the end. Maybe some adlibs from Ji Eun would have been nice.

Overall: Talk That is definitely a nice change from the group. Not only does is a strong pop song, but it also shows some versatility from the group and some diversity in their discography as far as promoted tracks go.