[Mini-Album] miss A – Independent Women Pt.III

Independent Women Pt.III is the second mini-album released by JYP girl group, miss A. I Don’t Need a Man was used as the promotional song and I’m guessing the title is a homage to Destiny’s Child’s song, Independent Women.

Released: October 15, 2012
1. I Don’t Need a Man (남자 없이 잘 살아) [MV]
2. Ma Style
3. If I Were a Boy
4. Madness
5. Time’s Up

The mini opens with the promotional song, I Don’t Need a Man. The song brings back the quirkiness of Breathe but in a slightly slower form. It features some funky beats with some fun but charming vocals overlaying it. While I do enjoy the song, it is probably their most forgettable promo song for me. It’s catchy, but it doesn’t leave much of an impact and the girls had done this style better before (Breathe). I’m also not a big fan of how the vocals are sung because there are times in the verses where the girls sound rather uncomfortable with the range. Still a nice listen though.

Ma Style follows it up with something similar. I really like the melody and the song has potential, but it falls short because the background vocals ruin a lot. They are really annoying and ruin what could be a perfectly simple and rather sensual sounding song. The bg vocals cover the great guitar riff that lies under the mess and the rap is also horribly awful too. Besides that, it’s rather charming though.

If I Were a Boy is another good followup in sound to the last two songs and it’s at least better than the last one. My problem with this one is it’s too slow and boring. The melody sounds like it would’ve been better slightly sped up because the arrangement sounds like its being dragged down. There are parts that I really liked though such as the Nanana’s that pop up after the chorus.

Madness includes 2PM member Taecyeon and is the slowest song at this point. It has some oldschool R&B qualities to it that are a nice touch, but I don’t think the girls have the vocal power to take this song to the next level. They sound good, but too weak to really bring the strengths of the song out.

Time’s Up brings back the upbeat flavour and is definitely the best song on the album. It’s catchy, modern, but sleek and could be heard today. I don’t know why this wasn’t chosen over the promo song since it’s just a fun delivery and has the most impact out of everything on the mini.

Overall: This mini was an interesting combination of different sounds, but was unfortunately not as consistent as their last one. With that said, although I have been rather critical of the album, I really enjoyed quite a few of the upbeat offerings on the album and they have grown on me quite a bit. There are just some things that I would switch around (and get rid of).