[Single] f(x) – Chu~♡

Chu~♡ is the first single released by f(x). The title track was used as the promotional single.

Released: November 9, 2009
1. Chu~♡ [MV]
2. Step by me
3. You are my destiny

The title track, Chu~♡ is a funky pop tune that seems to ride more on the cuter side of things. The song makes me laugh at times because it is just ridiculous at times from the random popping up of “Chu~’s” everywhere to the odd 80s beats layered in the back. The majority of the vocal arrangement during the verses involves singing in a chopped up way as well which adds a little attitude to it. Vocally, it’s an ok piece since it’s more straightforward in its delivery. It’s an overall ok track that seems more bent on being catchy and stuck in your head. At times it seems a little dry as well but I find that a lot of that has to do with how the song was arranged.

Step by me cools down on the dance beats and gives us a little more midtempo. What I find really odd about this song is that it feels they took some of the odder aspects of the last song’s arrangement and put them here. With that said, it’s an overall stronger song than the last since it has a more complete feel although it’s not anything stellar. The vocals are well placed and the melody it doesn’t really on repetition and flows well. It’s also nice to here the adlibs at the end.

You are my destiny is a duet between f(x)’s Luna and Krystal and as expected it is a ballad. It’s pretty much the typical SM ballad and features a rather progressive feel to it. What I do like about it though is that despite the typical instrumental arrangement, the song’s melody is actually well nice and is reminiscent of the early 00’s K-Pop ballads. The vocals are of course very well done and the song really helps showcase their talent and I was really quite surprised at how well Krystal caught up to Luna.

Overall: This was an ok single altogether. In all honesty I actually thought the title track was the weakest song as the other two just seemed pieced together better. The ballad was definitely the standout and despite sounding rather typical it did its job by showcasing the vocals.