[Mini-Album] Secret – Secret Time

Secret Time is the first mini-album released by Secret. Magic was used as the promotional track and was also their breakthrough hit. The mini also includes two new versions of the songs from their debut digital single.

Released: April 1, 2010
1. My Boy
2. Magic [MV]
3. Spot Light
4. Do As You Please (알아서 잘해요)
5. I Want You Back (Acoustic Ver.)
6. 3 Years 6 Months (Acoustic Ver.) (3년 6개월)

My Boy opens up the album and gives us a nice R&B pop song. What I like about My Boy is that despite their shift in image and sound (as in publicly known sound) this song fits well with the material they released on their debut. I have to say though that I actually enjoy the verses more than the chorus mostly because the melody isn’t as strong as it could be in the chorus. The added background vocal layers also make it a little distracting and it wouldve sounded better without it. With that said, it’s a solid track and shows off the vocals.

Magic brings us a total switch. This retro inspired dance song also features a slight jazz mix and is both catchy and well structured. It focuses mostly on repetition as heard in the chorus, but it’s well done. My only gripe might be that at times the arrangement doesn’t sound as polished as it could be.

After two strong songs we are given Spot Light. I don’t know what they thought about adding this in because it’s certainly the weakest track out of Secret’s discography up to this point (mini and digital single). It’s a dance/pop tune that features a more aggressive melody and while that sounds intriguing in the end it comes off as a cheap 4minute filler. It does have its nice points like the rap but in general the song is weak and has no real flow.

Thank god we are given Do As You Please. Here we have a nice progressive pop tune with R&B undertones. I do feel like the chorus isn’t as memorable as I want, but it’s an improvement over the last song because everything flows together nicely and it doesn’t sound like random parts were thrown in just to attempt to make it sound catchy. It also shows off the members’ voices nicely.

The next two songs are acoustic versions of the songs off the group’s debut digital single. The first, I Want You Back (Acoustic Ver.) is nicely put together. The song is slowed down and really relaxes things. What I enjoy most about this version is definitely the chorus and how it brings a totally different feel from the original which seemed to rely on the chorus to bring in that catchy quality. It’s nice to see the verses also sounded strong. I would say though that the rap would’ve been nicer if it was so strong.

3 Years 6 Months (Acoustic Ver.) was the song I was most excited to hear  but I was most disappointed with it. It features a lighter (and slightly jazzier) arrangement but I think it would’ve been nicer if they had relaxed it even more. My main problem is that the song totally loses the emotion that was found in the original because they lightened it up too much and added too many odd synths.

Overall: Secret Time was certainly an interesting mini. It had it’s fair share of strong tracks but there were also a few bumps along the way. The acoustic versions were a nice touch, but I was still disappointed with the second one because of its loss of emotion. Still overall the mini is alright and features quite a few nice songs that work well with Secret’s image and general sound.


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