[Digital Single] F.Cuz – Jiggy

F.Cuz is a boy band that debuted in early 2010. They originally had four members but after one of them left in 2011, their company added two more. They’ve yet to have a breakthrough hit and have been overshadowed by quite a few newer groups. Despite that, I do enjoy quite a few of their songs. Jiggy is their debut digital single.

Released: January 8, 2010
1. Jiggy [MV]

What did I expect with this song? Jiggy is a really interesting song to say the least. It’s pretty much a upbeat pop tune with dance elements although more on the “cute” side. At times it is actually humorous with the awkward use of background vocals and the consistent clap-beat. It’s certainly catchy to say the least but I think a lot of that has to do with the repetitive use of the word “Jiggy” because the rest of the song seems rather rough around the edges. The thing that irks me the most about the song though is definitely the ending, which switches the chorus into all autotune. It’s unnecessary and that part would’ve sounded better without it. The vocals are nothing too impressive and at times it feels like the members are struggling just to get the notes just because of the odd melodies. The rap….

Overall: I won’t say Jiggy is impressive, but it has some redeeming factors. It lacks a strong melody and instead relies on repetition. With that said it’s quite catchy and gives the group an image of something for upbeat and lighthearted.