[Mini-Album] Rainbow – Gossip Girl

Rainbow is a newer girl group under DSP Entertainment (SS501, Kara) who debuted in November 2009. While they haven’t been up to the levels of popularity of their labelmates, they are certainly my favourite girl group to date.  Gossip Girl is the debut mini-album released by girl group Rainbow. The title track was used as the lead single, while Not Your Girl was used as the followup single.

Released: November 12, 2009
1. Not Your Girl
2. Gossip Girl [MV]
3. I Believe
4. Kiss
5. I Will Endure It (참아볼께요)

The debut mini-album album by Rainbow starts off with Not Your Girl, a catchy dance/pop song. In no way is it anything amazing, but it works by utilizing the mix of a repetitive chorus, sensual vocals and clap-like beats. My only problem is that the song doesn’t help showcase the vocals by the members although we do get a taste of some belting by maknae HyunYoung. It’s a decent song and a catchy opener.

Gossip Girl serves as both the title track and first single. It pretty much utilizes the same aspects that were found in the previous song, but with a more upbeat sound and a bit more attitude in the vocals as opposed to the sensual feel of the previous track. Catchy and repetitive, the song will probably get stuck in your head. With that said, there are a few flaws in the song. Firstly, the vocals sound poor as during the unison parts they force themselves to have a cuter high pitched sound. This didn’t really help on first impressions as many people thought they could not sing. Secondly, the English in the song is poorly written. I’m all ok with bad English as long as it can work with the song, but it just sounds like they threw a bunch of random words together that had to do with being a gossip girl. OK song, but poor execution and not a strong first impression to give.

I Believe is without a doubt my favourite song on the album and one of Rainbow’s strongest works. This song has an oldschool dance feel to it and is on a far more serious tone than the previous two tracks although it also has a repetitive chorus. My favourite thing about the song is that it easily showcases their vocals and the rap that pops up around 3/4 is stellar and works quite well to break up the choruses.

Kiss was actually written by fellow (ex) labelmate Park Jungmin (from SS501). It totally switches us from the dance/pop songs and gives us a nice lighthearted pop song that sorta reminds me of 04/05 Jpop. The vocals are once again highlighted in this song and we also see quite a bit of harmonizing. One of the strongest on the album.

When you first hear I Will Endure It, you might think that you got this isn’t Rainbow, but it surprisingly is. What’s most surprising about this song is that it is a more serious toned ballad with Mediterranean influences. This is the song on the album that shows off their vocal potential. It’s a good track.

Overall: When I first Gossip Girl, I was a little confused as to why they debuted this group, but the song is without a doubt the weakest on the album. What I enjoy most with this mini-album is that it showcases different genres and allows us to see the versatility that Rainbow has. While they haven’t hit it big yet, they certainly do have the potential.